What I’m Lovin’ in January

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you’re feeling refreshed and inspired!

There are loads of things I’m lovin’ this month, but I’ll try to keep my list condensed 😉
resliced by Jordan

1. the Lady Loves Valentine’s Day Gift Box

lady loves2
{Photo credit: @nothinbutnola on Instagram – image linked}

This year I’m lovin’ the Galentine’s Day twist on this holiday! Any excuse to celebrate the cool women I know and I’m totally in.

One of my very favorite local artists, Rachel Tenny, has partnered with North Carolina based Nothin’ But Nola and All She Wrote Notes to offer the Lady Loves Valentine’s Day Gift BoxYou can order this gift box [packed with hand-mixed granola, a set of #SpreadJoyAndHappyMail cards and a hand-drawn calligraphy tag that says “You’re so Loved”] for your Bestie (or all your friends or your Mom or your dog who promises to share with you…anyone!) and they’ll ship it straight to her for $15! I’ve already ordered two and I’m thinking about going back for more… {read more about the gift box here!}

Edit: the gift box is no longer available, but you can browse all the other goodies in the Nothin’ but Nola shop here and keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram for future deals!

2. My Candy Rush combo from Candied Cottons

candied cottons
How adorable is this set?!

I won this set through a giveaway on Instagram which was super exciting! I love giveaways and I’m pretty sure I’ll be hosting one soon [time to share the love!] so stay tuned 😉

The smallest pouch (called the Taffy Tote) is the perfect size for holding gift cards (like all those you got for Christmas & don’t want to lose!). I’m using the larger pouch (called the Sugar Cube Clutch) to hold my coupons. And I’m keeping the 2 from losing each other by attaching the wrist strap to both. Oh – and the key chain – it’s on my key ring!

The best part?! The fabric Lindsey used on the set I won is from my favorite fabric collection – Arizona by April Rhodes.

3. A cute way to identify my bag at the airport

After our plane arrived in London, the Hubs and I thought we had lost a bag (which just-so-happened to be the bag full of presents). It was a generic red suitcase that we had borrowed from my sister-in-law. It also happened to be the only piece of luggage that didn’t have a scrap piece of fabric tied to it and a “Jordan” key chain hooked on it (my grandparents have been putting versions these in our stockings for years so I have quite a collection. They come in handy as quick identifiers on luggage when traveling).

cristali designs
Doll key chain from Cristali Designs – click the image to check out her shop.

I entered a giveaway on Cristali-Designs’ blog before leaving for England and I actually won the “surprise” she promised to a lucky reader. When I found this adorable gal in my mailbox when we got home, I immediately hooked her to the piece of luggage (which will eventually be returned to my sister-in-law who travels more than us so I’m sure they key chain come in handy!).

4. My MagSoul KnotTwisted Headband

You can't help but love that pattern, amiright?!
You can’t help but love that pattern, amiright?!

This month, MagSoul celebrated it’s fifth anniversary (which in the handmade business world is like eternity). I met Mags through my blog post about Vintage Charlotte. Somehow I’d skipped right over her booth at the event which is a real tragedy. Nonetheless, the generous Mags offered to send me a KnotTwisted Headband to try out which I was (and am!) super excited about! I’m not great at wearing headbands and wraps like these, but Mags provides some pretty spiffy tips (here) that I memorized before giving it a try.

Try # 5,438, but I finally got it!

As proof in my post on IG, these headbands are perfect for Horrible Hair Friday!

If you’re not already, you need to go follow @MagSoulShop on Instagram – I love her witty, girl-power posts and I think you will too!

5. My “Hey Shug” mug made by my sister

shug mug

Y’all know I’m kind of a mush. So when my sister gifted this mug to me I teared up a little. My Gammy used to call everyone “shug”. I know I’ve told y’all about her before – she’s my inspiration for nearly everything, but especially my creative adventures.

My sister recently got a vinyl cutting machine and she has gone to town with it! So she made my Mom and I matching mugs for Christmas. They’re perfect.

6. Using up my fabric scraps [to make room for more fabric of course]

As an fabric-lovin’-sewist, I’ve got a pretty extensive collection of fabric yet I’m always longing for more. I’m trying to use up what I already have because 1) it’s cheaper / eco-friendly and 2) it helps me clear out space for new fabric!

{Photo credit linked}
{Photo credit linked}

In the middle of my craft room, I had a bundle of scrubs that my stepsister had passed on to me. Originally I thought I’d use them to make totes (the placement of the pockets on the tops make them super easy to convert into functional totes), but decided to use them for the drawstring pouches instead.

drawstring bags

The material came entirely (except for the 1 silver ribbon) from the scrubs: the blue exterior is from the pant legs, the strings came from the waist of the pants, and the appliqued gift patches came from a festive top. I hadn’t made drawstring bags before so I was surprised at how easy they were. I found most of my instructions in the sewing books I brought back from England (will blog soon!) so I don’t have a tutorial to link, but I’m sure you can easily find one on Pinterest.

7. #reslicedHappyMail

happy mail

I hope you heard all about my new initiative in last week’s post, but if you didn’t here’s the run-down: If you know someone who could use a little reminder that they are special, nominate them to receive a piece of #reslicedHappyMail by filling out the form here. Be sure to read the original post to review all those pesky little rules.

I’ve got my first nominee’s card constructed and I’m hoping to finalized it and send it out in the next week. Stay tuned for the story!

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