What I’m Lovin’ in May

As events unfolded last week in Uvalde, I couldn’t bring myself to post the usual list of things I’ve been “lovin'” because we are very clearly in a shared state of shock and mourning. I’m still in this state with sprinklings of rage, anger, deep sadness, grief, and a fierce motivation to fight for the reforms we need and lives we deserve to live.

I don’t have anything inspirational to tell you (although I did share a little of my emotions on Instagram), but I hope this brain dump of light-hearted things I’ve found on the internet allows you to escape the world’s heavy feelings to find a sliver of sunshine for just a few moments today. ❤

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What I’m Lovin’ in March

I was really hoping to kick the new year off to a great start, but here we are…three months into the new year and I’m finally posting a “monthly” list. You can’t win ’em all, right?

Many of the things I’m sharing with you this month are things I’m actually very much disliking, but I felt the need to share them with you nonetheless. I’m fighting the urge to write off 2022 altogether so hang with me.

Since I haven’t said it yet, I wanted to take the chance to wish you a happy [belated] new year – I truly hope the remainder of your year is filled with moments to love and cherish. ❤

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Unique Stocking Stuffers for Adults

Stockings are one of my favorite holiday traditions. I love unpacking them on Christmas day to find all the little goodies stuff inside. I also thoroughly enjoy the challenge of finding the best stocking stuffers to surprise my husband, and now Andy, with! I’ve been gathering ideas all year so I figured it was worth sharing with you. 😉

Many of these ideas could be enjoyed by adults and kids, but this list will focus mainly on those intended for adults. But stay tuned: I’ll be sharing a list of kid-approved stocking stuffers tomorrow!

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A FREE Printable Calendar for September Full of Entirely Ridiculous Holidays

I needed a calendar for our family to use since the desktop calendar I snagged as a freebie has run out of pages. While I was down the calendar-designing rabbit hole, I decided to make an alternative to share with YOU, my lovely blog followers (all 2 of you…hi!).

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