Project Gallery

To view a gallery of items handmade by yours truly, click the category linked below:

Sewing: Garments – most of what I sew is selfish (guilty!) so on this page you’ll find lots of garments for the ladies (dresses are my favorite!) with a few garments for the Hubs sprinkled in and gifted accessories. 

Sewing: Bags – shoulder bags, work bags, purses, clutches, wallets, and my favorite wristlet tutorial! 

Sewing: Quilty Things – blankets, mug rugs and the occasional quilt. 

Sewing: Home Decor – mostly pillows, but I have some projects planned so stay tuned!

Knitting – I’m just getting started with knitting (I learned in the summer of 2015) so anything you find here is very basic 🙂 

Jewelrythe craft that sparked my “maker journey”! 

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