What I’m lovin’ in May

Today is the first of a recurring series I’m calling “What I’m lovin’!”.

Here’s how it works: On the last Friday of every month, I’ll share a list of all the things I’m lovin’ during the month.

I’m so excited to share this month’s with you – it gave me motivation to look past the 90 degree heat and thick humidity that has engulfed Columbia to see all there is to love about May!


1. Colorful, fresh produce is in season!

Last month, my family and I filled my grandparent’s garden with tiny plants that have blossomed and are now bearing fruit and vegetables for us to enjoy!


Little baby butternut squash plant

First zucchini of the season from the family garden!

First zucchini of the season from the family garden!


Fresh lettuce from my front yard garden ūüôā


2. Workouts from Work Hard Eat Harder!

It’s just a bonus that my newest blogger obsession also happens to be a high school classmate of mine (so it’s verified: she’s pretty stellar).

The first workout of hers I tried was the 20 minute Treadmill Blast Рand as a runner who completed a half marathon a few months ago I tell you..this was tough! But it left me wanting more! I also tried her Egg-o-cado recipe and have been making it several times a week as a post-workout breakfast Рquick, easy & delicious!

My favorite workout so far is the Total Body Circuit – tried it with the Hubs and he also loved it!



I love the combination of a workout + a recipe in Alex’s posts. She also includes links to videos that demonstrate some of the moves which is really helpful for the¬†uncoordinated,¬†clueless people of the world like me! There’s also very little (if any) equipment required so you can try these high intensity workouts wherever you are!


3. The Etsy #CraftParty is just around the corner! I’m helping some fellow crafty friends {Shanika of Life is Pichey & Emily from Butterfly Vintage} plan the event in Columbia! We’re so excited about it!


If you’re wondering what the world it is, check out Etsy’s website for details about this international event. If you’re local, mark your calendar for June 6th from 6-9pm & come craft with us on the patio of First Citizens Cafe on Main Street – a block¬†from the State House!¬†Be sure to follow Columbia’s Etsy Market Team on Facebook for the latest event details and for all things crafty in Columbia!


4. The fabric on my new Super Tote bag!

Not only is the fabric sweet, the pattern (from Noodlehead) is stellar Рclassic and oh-so-useful! 



5. Roses¬†are bloomin’ all over!

You may have seen my post at the beginning of the month about my Coretta Scott King rose bush¬†so you know how much I love roses! Well, I’m happy to say that my rose bush is doing ok in my flower bed out front! My Gammy would be so proud! ūüôā



6. My¬†Magic Bullet¬†I’m really putting some miles on that thing!

If you’re in the mood for a smoothie, check out my latest Tasty Tuesday post for an easy-peasy, healthy recipe to keep you cool in the summer heat!

magic bullet

AND it’s my¬†anniversary month!

What are you lovin’ about May?




My Perfect Weekend: One that requires no makeup

Lately my Sunday mornings have been the same. And I don’t hate it one bit.

The Hubs sleeps in, I make myself a cup of drip coffee, Twitch (my rambunctious little mutt) and I fight for elbow room on the couch while¬†I work on writing blogs for the week (by work on, I mean: spend way too much time trying to think up clever things to say about something you¬†might find remotely interesting..by you, I mean: I don’t really know who¬†YOU¬†is).

twitch couch

Me, the lappy & Twitch sharing the couch. {PS: His collar is handmade by Sup Dog – click the picture to go to her site!}

Moving on…and back to my title! Any weekend that requires no make up is the kind I just can’t get enough of. Go on, start your judging! After a week of wearing heels (ok, fine – they’re platforms), dresses and powdering my nose, nothing sounds more luxurious than my softest t-shirt and some leggings (I know, I know. I’m¬†WAY¬†too old to pull these off – realistically anyone above age 5 should probably stop, but I just can’t! I’m justifying them as workout pants so whatever. Judge on).

Yesterday I spent the morning riding my grandparent’s mower around their yard while the rest of my family tilled the garden (on another note – I’m¬†so¬†excited¬†for garden fresh produce this year!). My zig-zag landscaping adventures caused the Hubs to spend the afternoon making fun of me because I won’t go near our push mower. To be fair: last year my Dad attacked a snake with the weed wacker after the Hubs ran over it with the lawn mower (which did not kill it). {Have I mentioned my fear of snakes is crippling?!} In addition, I’m convinced that I’ll kick up a rock that ends my running career by taking out a shin. No thank you.

Yesterday was also car maintenance day so after the Hubs & my Dad changed the oil and checked all the “levels” (whatever those are), I vacuumed & washed.

Exhaustion + the fact that I was still on a landscaping high, led me to do some plant shopping. I would’ve preferred to¬†spend my money locally, but Walmart was convenient and I figured I should take full advantage of my brown thumb feeling green for a brief moment.

Initially I had planned to buy Basil & Cilantro, but [go figure] they had neither pre-grown. Next thing I know I’ve been in the garden section for an hour and my buggy is full of flowers I can’t pronounce.

Alas!¬†I’ve made my final selection, paid the nice fella for my buggy-full-of-color-and-cheer and I meander to the car.

BUT THEN: my buggy took a left turn and pulled me to the roses outside. As I approached the collection of peachy-pink roses, I gasped. When you lose someone you love, the memories can hit you like a tidal wave in the ocean. And there she was..my Gammy. My mother’s mother was a frail little lady who chain smoked, drank black coffee and gave the tightest hugs you could imagine. She was creative, thoughtful and everything I strive to be. I could go on about her for days, but I’ll save those memories for another post ūüôā

I frantically started plowing through the rose bushes trying to find the perfect one. Found it! Loaded it into my buggy, spun around so fast my buggy went up on two wheels and raced back inside. The poor cashier gave me a puzzled look, worried he’d run something up wrong. “No sir” as I try to pretend my arms aren’t covered in fresh scratches from the briars and my eyes aren’t filled with tears “I just saw these roses and¬†had to get some!”

And so: after the Hubs awakes and I bribe him with brunch at Drip, we’ll be planting our very first rose bush! I’m optimistic about this adventure (aka: I hope I don’t kill these!) and I can’t wait to fill my house year after year with the sweet smell of fresh roses and memories of my sweet Gammy.

My Coretta Scott King rose bush!

My Coretta Scott King rose bush!