Roar Haus Gatsby Clutch

I met Amber last year when I joined the Palmetto Modern Quilter’s Guild (she’s the founder & President) and she has been blowing my mind with her bag-making skills ever since.

When she mentioned she wanted to design her own bag patterns, I almost leaped out of my seat! YES PLEASE. If you’ve ever seen the bags she makes, you know how thoughtfully designed they are (not to mention adorable – she really has an eye for pairing fabrics). I saw her call for testers and immediately jumped on the band wagon!

I am so proud of my sweet friend for launching the pattern design wing of Roar Haus!

I was chosen to test the pattern (which very well may be because I badgered Amber into letting me) and am SO excited to tell you all about the Gatsby Clutch!


The Bag

The bag is a fold-over clutch with a top zipper and detachable cross-body strap.


There is a tiny zipper pocket hidden when the bag is folded over. This sneaky little pouch is perfect for keeping your tiny items from getting lost in the bottom of the bag.


The Pattern

The instructions are so easy to follow! The best part is that Amber took the time to photograph each step. It’s more like following a sew-along than a traditional pattern.




All of the fabric I used for this bag came from my stash! I’m trying really hard lately to focus on utilizing the fabric I have {the stash is getting out.of.control.}.

I find it easier to use up scraps when making bags. Garments require so much yardage, but for all the bits and pieces of a bag, you can usually get away with using a variety of fabric so you can stash bust quite a few patterns in one project. You could even piece together scraps for a patchwork exterior if you were feeling adventurous!

For the exterior of my Gatsby Clutch, I used a vintage cotton print that I snagged from Butterfly Vintage. I used it for the Scarf Swap last year and have been holding onto the scraps for the perfect project.

What better project than testing your sewing bestie’s first bag pattern!


For the strap, I used some green rayon I had leftover from a dress pattern I recently tested {Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in the final round of testing so I didn’t finish my version, but it was the Auberley Dress from Blank Slate Patterns. I am hoping to make the final version soon because it looks amazing!}. The rayon lost its slinkiness but maintained the soft feel when fused with the SF101 so it worked perfectly.

I picked up the interfacing from my local JoAnn’s. I had fusible fleece in my stash already but picked up a little extra just in case. You really don’t need much so if you have scraps those will likely do. Additionally, you could probably substitute quilt batting if that’s what you have handy, but because Amber is the expert on interfacing, if you can use what she recommends – do it!

I noticed on Amber’s bags that she sews a few random straight lines across the exterior which I think is so cute! I copied her and added a few to my exterior after adding the fusible fleece. {If you have trouble sewing a straight line like myself, take a light colored permanent marker and draw straight lines onto the interfacing and follow those when you are stitching. I wouldn’t recommend a washable marker – you wouldn’t want it to bleed onto your fabric if it gets wet. You could also use a fabric pen or marker obviously 😉 }.


This was my first time using SF101. I have used lightweight fusible interfacing before, but it was not woven like the SF101. I really loved the stability it added to the cotton – making it durable, but not too heavy. I might be hooked on the SF101!

For my main interior fabric, I used some purple cotton from my scrap bin.


For the lining of the tiny pocket, I used a light blue gingham cotton scrap. This pocket interior is perfect for scraps – you only need two tiny pieces. The O-ring loops and zipper tabs are also a great place to use tiny scraps.



I had the larger zipper on hand, but have never used a 4 inch zipper (so tiny!) so I didn’t have any. Luckily Amber came to my rescue and let me borrow one. I have since ordered some from Zipit on Etsy (these!). I have ordered zippers from Zipit in the past and am always pleased with the quality. The donut pull metal zippers are my favorite!


I had some D-rings in my stash, but none as small as what is recommended. I was determined to follow the pattern as closely as possible using the recommended material so I could provide valid feedback to Amber. I quickly ordered the O-rings, swivel clasps, and sliders from Bagmaker Supply on Etsy {a shop Amber recommended}.


I really like the swivel clasps I ordered (these)! They have a little rhinestone in the corner which is just so fancy. I also ordered some of these plain swivel clasps for future bags. {You can find the sliders I ordered here and the o-rings here}.

Final Thoughts

I’m really excited for Amber to release this pattern! As soon as I started working on mine, I started seeing fold-over clutches everywhere – they must be in style right now {I’m usually out of the loop on that 😉 }.

I have found in the past that it’s hard to get a fold-over clutch to lay right. Amber’s balance of the interfacing is a perfect match and allows the bag to fold over and lay perfectly.


Overall, the pattern is not incredibly difficult – even if you have never installed a zipper, Amber does a great job of walking through the process with instructions and photos. That being said, I think this bag could be completed by a beginner (especially one who is determined!).

Where to purchase the pattern

You can find the Gatsby Clutch Pattern at

** Disclaimer: As I’m sure you can very much tell, Amber has become a great friend of mine. I admittedly try to be the biggest cheerleader for my friends’ creative ventures, but I do hope you’ll trust me when I say: This pattern review is 100% truthful.

What I’m Lovin’ in February

Aside from the fact that February brings lots of pink (yay!), it’s also the Hubs’ birthday month! Scroll on to see what I’ve been lovin’ this month…

resliced by Jordan

1. My latest Out and About Dress

out and about dress 3a

If I were a gamblin’ kind of gal, I’d bet my coworkers are getting tired of seeing me wear this dress every.week.! But I tell ya: I’m not sick of it! Not one bit. It’s so comfy. {Read all about the dress here}

2. My Leopard Print Tulip Top

leopard tulip top

I love how leopard print always makes me feel so sassy. And paired with bright pink accents means I feel extra sassy in my new Tulip Top! The pattern is by Melly Sews of Blank Slate Patterns. I bought the leopard french terry knit {looks like it’s sold out…I’m pretty sure I bought the last of the yardage! Here’s a zebra print french terry – equally as sassy!} and the pink knit ribbing from Imagine Gnats.

It’s not as noticeable in my picture, but the criss-cross front adds a sweet feminine element to this top and I love it!

3. This scarf MY SISTER SEWED for me!

scarf 2

On Saturday we had plans to meet up with Amber (who just so happens to be my quilt guild president, the sewing class teacher and bag-maker extraordinaire – I’m not convinced she sleeps) to model some of her bags.

You wouldn’t believe my excitement when my sister showed up at my door with THIS SCARF she had made me!! My heart just soared. I’m so proud of her. She was a trooper during the sewing class we took and has since been planning her next sewing project. I knew she was planning to attempt a scarf – and of course she didn’t pick the easiest pattern out there (we Slice Sisters go big or go home!), but I had no idea she was going to make me one too!

She had gifted me a set of fat quarters for Christmas, but I hadn’t settled on a project for them yet. The scarf pattern she chose involved using 6 fat quarters. She had already found some fabric she loved and ordered on Etsy, but was nervous to start with. I gave her back the bundle to practice with and reminded her: “what’s the worse that could happen?! We chop it back up and use the fabric for something else? Just go for it!”

And go for it she did! She made the scarf specifically to match my new favorite dress! Not only does it match my purple dress perfectly, but it matches the mint in my 2nd favorite dress perfectly too!


{PS: See our model shots here, here, herehere – and follow Roar Haus on Instagram for more or browse her Etsy shop!}

4. the Zoo

zoo 2

Yes, we totally celebrated the Hubs’ birthday at the zoo! It has been quite a while since I’ve been to the zoo and we had such a blast. Visiting the zoo as an adult is much different than when you were a kid (aka: the cages start to look smaller and the animals look a little more sad than you remember, but it was still fun!).


Ostriches always make me laugh. I’m not exactly sure why, but this picture makes me laugh every time I see it! In other giggle news, check out this adorable little penguin who put on quite a show for us! He was too cute.


5. IndieSew’s version of AddieK’s Canny Tunic

This version has me desperately wanting to make a Canny Tunic in a floral print ASAP!

indiesew canny

{Image via IndieSew – click the photo to be taken to their site}


You might remember my love for the Canny Tunic or maybe you know from all the other times you’ve seen pictures of me wearing them (here – oh! – and in England – here, here and here – they were pretty much all I wore while traveling!). I even converted the tunic to a dress for my sister!

The pattern is only 2 pieces which is pretty much GENIUS and most definitely beginner-friendly.

6. Our feature on

Y’all might remember that time I shared a little bit about mine and Jeremy’s decision to skip a wedding and buy a house instead. It’s a story I love to tell. Skipping a wedding isn’t for everyone, but we’re still loving the decision we made.

Last week a super sweet colleague from a previous job contacted me and asked if she could share our story for Of course I said yes! What an honor! Kylee did a great job capturing our story – you can read it here if you’re interested.

Sending you sprinkles of joy and warm hugs til next time,


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