resliced Happy Mail #5

I have been on a resliced happy mail hiatus lately – there has been a lot going on. Ironically, I feel like during that time I sent out even more mail than during the times I focus on sending resliced happy mail! Though some of that mail wasn’t as happy as I would’ve like (sympathy cards are never fun to send…), I did have a few fun pieces sent out (hello, Mother’s Day!) – but I’ll admit: some of those were Hallmark specialties (a girl only has so much time! And sometimes Hallmark says it best).

The fifth recipient of #reslicedHappyMail is a lovely lady who was nominated by a coworker. From reading the submission it was obvious that Audrey is fiercely loved, respected and appreciated at her office. Because the words were so sweet, I’ll share with you an excerpt from her nomination:

“Audrey is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She has always done everything she can for anyone. She recently has had to take a leave of absence from work to have a extensive surgery on her back. She has battled the pain and been uncomfortable for quite some time. I and all the employees at work miss her already and we are not even half way through the recovery time for her. […] this woman is so strong sometimes you would never know she was in pain. She has a grandson and another grand baby on the way. She is so excited and hopes that one day she will be able to pick them up again. Oh and dance – she loves to dance (or she did 13 years ago when I met her). She deserves a little bit of HAPPY in her life, for she always gives her HAPPY to other people!”

One thing came to mind after reading the nomination: In more ways than one, Ms. Audrey is one strong lady! And so, I got started on her card.

As you know, I’ve been dabbling with watercolors (of the very childish Crayola variety). The Postman’s Knock really  has me inspired to try more with watercolors (especially after reading her latest post: Painting with Watercolors for Beginners). When I saw this printable card from TPK, I knew I wanted to try my watercolors with it! Being that Audrey was described as liking all colors and being full of love, I thought this sweet floral design would be fitting for her!

And so, here is the card I sent to Audrey!


As you can see, my watercolor skills still need some work, but I had fun trying them out!

I hope this card reached Audrey and reminded her of how loved and appreciated she is!

I never get tired of reading these nominations. I love hearing all the wonderful things that people do and how they’ve impacted the lives of those around them for the better. My heart is just so full.

I also sent my penpal another letter (after a brief hiatus…sorry to keep you waiting Brenna!). I have been trying out sewing on cards since I have a load of fabric scraps that could use a new home. My penpal shared with me during a recent exchange that her word this year is “enough” so I used that as my inspiration.


The envelope is made from scrapbook paper. I glued a rectangular scrap piece of computer paper to the front for her address. I’m kind of digging the loosely sewn fabric scraps on the card. I am also loving the Sakura Gelly Roll pens I ordered. They are crazy smooth and the white looks great against the gray cardstock! I might have to invest in additional colors 🙂

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What I’m Lovin’ in August

We’re enjoying a super hot August here in the South so I’ve gladly been spending my weekends in the comfort of the air conditioning (and working on becoming a little more pasty).

But on the bright side (pun intended): I’m actually posting this What I’m Lovin’ blog during August! So cheers to being on time this month!

resliced by Jordan


So here we go friends! The short list of what I’m lovin’ this month:

1. April Rhodes‘ Arizona Fabric Collection

From the moment I saw the collection, I’ve been dreaming up what I wanted to make with it. I’ve tossed around every idea I could muster up and finally decided I love the collection SO much I’m willing to give quilt-making a try! Yep, you read that right: I’m working on my very first quilt! And don’t worry – I’ll definitely be posting about this! Be sure to follow me on Instagram – I’m going to start posting progress pictures soon! 🙂

[insert heart-eyed Emojis!]

[insert heart-eyed Emojis!]

2. My [first] rotary cutter

I have read over and over how great rotary cutters are, but being the cheapskate that I am I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on one…until I decided I wanted to make a quilt.

The Hubs subscribed for a free trial of Amazon Prime (what are you thoughts on this? Should we keep it?) so I used that to my advantage and ordered a rotary cutter + self-healing mat + quilting ruler kit (all for under $30!) with free shipping and it arrived in 2 days – Win!


This kit is the bomb!

Ripped it open Saturday morning and realized investing in a rotary cutter was totally worth it!

3. Racing season is upon us!

In February I conquered my very first half marathon and went on to finish a second one in March. Since then I’ve been trying to convince myself to do it again, but the summer humidity has put a damper on my training so I’ve been doing short intervals indoors (which is beyond boring…I’m the kind of runner who likes to sight see while running – I run slow enough that this is an option).

But – cool weather is just around the corner!

My original plan was to run the Governor’s Cup half marathon in November, but if this weather doesn’t cool down just a smidge, I might be doing the 8k instead. The Governor’s Cup 8k last year was my first long race (ever)! My running coach and friend, Randy, convinced me I could do it. The race showed me that I really like running (who knew?!) – and I didn’t hate training! Randy knew the bug was planted and graciously offered to train me for the half marathons. Haven’t I told you – human kindness is the best thing ever?!


Me & Randy at the Palmetto Half Marathon finish line in March

Now that you see the picture above, you see exactly how generous it was for Randy to offer to run with me! I’m short and slow…he is neither!

4. The Bad Behavior of Belle Cantrell by Loraine Despres

I’m still on my summer reading kick and I recently saw this book while plundering the shelves of my local library.


I usually avoid books that involve historical references because there seems to be no way to do that without becoming incredibly boring (call me shallow), but this book sure proved me wrong!

While it’s chock full of historical references to the women’s movement, Loraine has a way of keeping the storyline light, romantic and suspenseful. The story completely engulfed me and I couldn’t put it down. My favorite part about the book were the one-liners that Belle (the main character) comes up with throughout the book as rules to live by – she calls her collection The Southern Girls’ Guide to Men and Other Perils of Modern Life.


Chapter 16 contained my favorite 🙂

I can’t recommend this book enough! I’m planning to read all of Loraine Despres’ collection now. Have you read any of those? What are your favorite summer reading books?

5. Watching the Hubs play lacrosse

It’s summer – which means one thing: the Hubs is looking for every men’s league lacrosse tournament within driving distance to play in. I can’t lie: I don’t make all of them (nor do I really try that hard…there are just so many!), but the annual Blue Ridge Classic held in Asheville is one I haven’t missed in years. I love Asheville – it’s a vegetarian’s food heaven so it’s worth the hours spent sweating on the sidelines for an evening of amazing food and chocolate in a thriving downtown with a serious appreciation of locally sourced food and handmade goods. I promise to blog soon about all my favorites!

This year, the Hubs played in 9 games with 2 different team that weekend. After all these years, I still don’t have a great understanding (ok…any understanding) of the game, but the most amazing thing happened – and I saw it!! The Hubs scored the game winning goal in overtime during the game he played with his old teammates from Presbyterian College (where he played for 2 years before we transferred to USC). It was amazing!!


That’s the Hubs hidden behind #4, throwing a shot – not the game-winning-in-overtime-shot, but still a nice picture! [photo not taken by me btw]

I can’t lie, I love to shamelessly brag on the Hubs’ athletic ability mainly because I am so uncoordinated it’s a miracle I can run without injuring others (yes, others).


6. My best friend is getting married! 

I’ve been friends with Caroline since what feels like the dawn of time. We’ve gone from awkward middle school girls who hung out at the school over summer break (true story…we volunteered. Total nerds) to college suite-mates and now adults with “real jobs.”

I remember when I met her fiance for the first time and I just knew. The way he looked at her and the way she talked about him, I just knew my bestie had met her soul mate. It was only a matter of time until I got that special call. Well – I got that call a few weeks ago!

Icing on the top of this whole scenario is that she adorably sent me my “invitation” to be her MOH in the cutest way. She knows my snail mail snobbery and the fact that any card not made my friend MaryAnn of MASW Designs just isn’t good enough.

So, she had MaryAnn custom make the invitations and promise not to post about it until I’d received mine. (Seriously, my friends are the cutest).


Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but fingers crossed for coral dresses! {But seriously it doesn’t matter because Caroline has timeless style!}

How precious is the inside?!

How precious is the inside?!

Seriously I’m over the moon about being asked to be Caroline’s MOH. It’s such an honor and I’m SO excited for all that’s to come! I teared up thinking about my MOH speech while vacuuming the other day…I’m such a nerd!

I hope you enjoyed my list of what I’m lovin’ in August! What did you love (or are lovin’) about August?

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