Playing with Pillows – DIY

I’ve been in desperate need of new couch pillows after Twitch ate my original pillows (to be fair, he let me enjoy them for a solid 3 years before he shredded them..).

My sister & I tackled Fabric 101‘s sale together over the 4th of July holiday – picked up some beautiful scraps for handbags. I also picked up a beautiful, perfectly square floral scrap with pale blue and green hues that I knew would be perfect for my couch.

The scrap was too lovely to cut so I turned it into an oblong accent pillow instead.

Isn't the fabric lovely?!

Isn’t the fabric lovely?!

I had a little extra of the brown pattern lying around so I whipped up a friend for my oblong pillow :)

I had a little extra of the brown pattern lying around so I whipped up a friend for my oblong pillow.

Kimba approves of the new pillows!

Kimba approves of the new pillows!

If you’ve never made a pillow, you must! It’s unbelievably easy and incredibly cheap.

I don’t have pictures of the steps, but here’s a quick run-down:

  1. Align 2 pieces of material that are cut identically (you can use 2 different fabric patterns for a little versatility or the same for the traditional uniform look just make sure they are the same shape) with the outside pieces facing.
  2. Pin all around the edges of the material. Make sure to mark about 6 inches (give or take a few inches depending on the size of your pillow and the weight of your fabric – heavier fabric may require a slightly larger opening).
  3. Starting at one end of your opening, sew all the way around the edges of your fabric until you reach the other end of your opening.
  4. Flip the fabric through the opening so that the sewn edges become the interior. Reach into the pillow shell and push out all four edges.
  5. Now for the fun part: start stuffing the pillow! Add stuffing until the pillow reaches your desired firmness.
  6. Fold the edges of the opening inward, pin then stitch it closed (this should be the bottom of your pillow).

Ta-da! I hope that helps for now – I’ll post a picture tutorial the next time I construct one!

I can’t lie – I’ve been putting my pillows to good use 😉


Dogs, a good book and new pillows make for a great day!

{PS: I finished reading Big Girl Panties this weekend and it’s a great summer read! I definitely recommend it!}

Happy pillow making!


Cool Mornings & Coffee on the Deck

The weather on Saturday morning was amazing! We finally got a morning where the humidity wasn’t so thick you felt like you were chewing the air.

While I was gone to the American Evaluation Association’s Summer Institute conference earlier this week, the Hubs built a platform over part of the box garden I’d abandoned last year (which had turned to a box of weeds at the end of our deck this year…). Since I’d gotten home he’d been insisting on sitting outside to take in the view from his newly built addition. I was so relieved that Saturday morning wasn’t as humid as past days so we could finally utilize our “new” outdoor space!

jer & char

Here’s the Hubs sitting on the platform with Charlotte dog behind us on the deck enjoying our break from the heat on Saturday!

The Hubs told me had built a surprise while I was away. I was a little weary, but when I got home I started looking around wondering what it might be. When I went outside I immediately noticed he’d moved our deck chairs which led me to see the platform! Then I noticed that our plastic side table had been repainted pink which made me laugh. I asked Jeremy why he’d painted it and he said “I saw the color and knew you’d like it!” 🙂 I do like that shade (and I do prefer everything be pink…!).


The pups really appreciated that we were all outside together 🙂


Twitch loves his new Sup Dog collar – a British flag because his parents will be going to England in December!! 🙂 {PS: Click the image to be taken to Sup Dog’s site}


Charlotte enjoying the deck 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend!