What I’m Lovin’ in November

I’m late again!! Yikes. The months are just slipping away. So, let’s take a walk through November so I can tell you all about the things I loved last month!

We’re one month closer to the holidays! Is anyone freaking out or is it just me?! My “gifts to make” list is a mile long and I’ve been trying so very hard to check items off. Follow along on Instagram for sneak peeks.

what i'm lovin - november

The short list of What I’m Lovin’ in November

1. Mug Rugs

mug rug

These are so easy to whip up! Did you see my post with the free mug rug printable gift tag?! If you missed it, hop on over and check it out. You’ll also find a few tutorials for inspiration!

2. Simple, delicious recipes


Sautéed tempeh cutlets, brown rice, roasted garlicky asparagus and maple roasted carrots.

The dish above is entirely vegan, incredibly flavorful AND it took me all of about 10 minutes worth of prepping.

The sauteed tempeh and maple roasted carrot recipes are both from my favorite vegetarian cookbook gifted to me by my incredibly supportive sister almost 4 years ago when I decided I wanted to give being a vegetarian a try. The cookbook is nothing fancy (in fact, it’s adorned with stickers from its past life as a library book), but when I pull it out of my cupboard (which I do regularly!), I’m reminded of my sister and how [no matter what] she not only supports but totally embraces all of my crazy dreams.

And on another note: these plates were gifted to me by my friend Russ when we bought our house. The Hubs knows that when I pull these out, he better start handing out compliments because I reserve them for meals I’m most proud of.

All that said, remember this holiday season that it’s the thought in your gifts that matter!

3. Taking a cooking class with my sweet friend

I told you last month how excited I was for the cooking class I was going to take with my friend Addie. We learned “How to Cook a Plant-Based Thanksgiving” with Columbia’s Cooking and it was so fun!

cooking class

Addie & I chopping away at the cooking class!

My favorite of the menu items was definitely the banana ice cream with chunks of dates mixed in! I have a serious sweet tooth so incorporating healthier treats is a must (because giving them up is most certainly not an option!). You can find the banana ice cream recipe here if you’re interested in trying it out!

Columbia’s Cooking will be hosting another class in December called “How to Prepare Plant-Based Holiday Desserts” which sounds very similar to the vegan baking class (I’d say it’s the same, but the instructors are different) I took in college a few years ago with them and it was amazing. Read all about the class here.

Things I’m anticipating in December…

I’m having my wisdom teeth taken out on December 2nd. Yes, I totally waited to schedule this after Thanksgiving! As a gal who never skips a meal, I’m very much dreading not being able to eat real food for a bit. The doctor gave me strict orders to stock up on my favorite ice cream so I’m trying to look on the bright side 😉

Basically, I’ll be kicking off December channeling this guy…

mary engelbreit

{Image via Mary Engelbreit on Facebook – click image for source}

Wish me luck!

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What I’m Lovin’ in October

Being that last month’s posts were focused on my birthday giveaways, I’m sharing What I’m Lovin’ a little late! This also means that this post has mostly turned into a “what’s coming up soon on the blog” post 😉


What I’m Lovin in October

Yes, it’s November, but in my mind it’s still October! And I wanted to share a few things I loved last month.

1. My Seamwork Magazine Subscription


{Click the image to be taken to the current issue}

In addition to access to some high quality sewing articles (which btw – are free to everyone), I also get TWO patterns of my choosing…for only $6! {PS: The wool cape on the cover above is one of this month’s patterns! #Swoon} And if I don’t claim 2 by the end of the month, they keep adding up (as mine are now because I’m a slacker).

I have been debating a subscription ever since they featured this article written by my good friend Addie. Addie is my sewing inspiration and I loved reading more about the process of her ready-to-wear fast.

In late September, I browsed over to Seamwork Magazine site and saw the Moji pants and immediately subscribed.


{Photo credit: Seamwork Magazine – click the image to see the pattern details via Seamwork}

My sister confirmed that the pants are a little bit old-lady-style and thus, perfect for me. I can’t wait to sew them up! I think I am going to use this Robert Kaufman chambray I snagged from Allie Mac‘s fabric destash on Instagram to attempt to replicate the original pictured above.

Other Seamwork patterns on my “to-make” list: the Wembley cardigan (because I love cardigans!), a Paxson sweater for the Hubs, matching Denali vests for me & the Hubs (he doesn’t know I plan to make matching versions…mwahaha!), and a Madrid tote (I’m in search of beige shimmery / light, subtle gold faux leather…let me know if you know a good place to find some!).

2. My new #OutAndAboutDress


{Post-yoga selfie – excuse the lockers 😉 }

Stay tuned – I’ll be sharing more about how much I absolutely love this dress very soon!

3. How well my sister knows me

My sister totally spoiled me for my birthday! Not only did she and my parents take me out for a lovely brunch at Cafe Strudel (my favorite!), but she got me the coolest gifts! She obviously caught on that I have fallen completely in love with Liberty of London fabric. The Hubs and I visited THE Liberty store when we were in London last Christmas break and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Whenever I think about it, I just want to cry I get so happy!

Without me knowing, my sister has started following some fancy fabric suppliers on Instagram (she’s so cute!). Somehow she stumbled across Alice Caroline fabrics and ordered a yard of Liberty fabric just for me!


Did I mention that she also bought me 3 lovely Essie shades?! She knows me so well!

The pink Liberty fabric is so soft it feels like silk!! I’ve already washed and dried it (before I read this article by Megan Nielson about hand washing delicate fabric and realized I will be hand washing this luscious fabric from here on out!) so I’m ready to make something with it! I’m looking for a blouse pattern that only requires 1 yard of fabric. Leave me a comment below if you know of any good 1-yard-blouse-patterns!

4. My Popover Poncho

popover poncho

It is so stinkin’ comfortable! I promise to tell you all about it very soon – stay tuned!

5. Sewing for the Hubs

While I still much prefer selfish sewing, I get great joy from seeing the Hubs wear his Finlayson Sweater I made him!


The fit isn’t perfect, but he loves it – which makes me want to make him more clothes! I’m so thankful for his support (and for leaving me alone when I’m in my sewing room 🙂 ).

And of course – I promise to blog about the Finlayson very soon – in the meantime: If you are interested in this pattern, I highly recommend following Thread Theory’s Sew-Along.

Things I’m really excited for this month:

I’m taking a class with Columbia’s Cooking to learn “How to Cook a Plant-Based Thanksgiving Dinner“! We’re actually spending Thanksgiving in the mountains with Jeremy’s family visiting his grandpa, but I plan to bring a dish to ensure I have something fabulous to devour (even if I’m the only one eating it!).

I took a vegan baking class with this same group before graduating (they are based out of the university) and it was amazing! I learned so much and left with a plate full of sweet goodies to share with the Hubs (who generously picked me up [because we were poor college students who liked to avoid paying meters] and thoroughly enjoyed all of the no-dairy desserts!). I still have the reference guide and recipes they gave us and use them often.

I talked my friend Addie into joining me as my cooking partner for next week’s class. As long as our hands aren’t too dirty, we’ll try to take lots of pictures to share!

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