Double Zip Wallet

We celebrated Christmas with my in-laws at Thanksgiving and my mother-in-law surprised me with a stack of new sewing books.

One of the books was Handmade Style by Anna Graham (aka: Noodlehead – you might remember several of her bag designs I’ve made previously like the Super Tote and Envelope Clutch wallets here, here, and here). She is my very favorite bag designer – her patterns are so thoughtful which make for incredibly useful purses and wallets.

This book has been on my wish list for a while so I was over-the-moon to finally have it. I have been carrying the book around with me non-stop since Thanksgiving, marking all my favorites with sticky notes.

After a few semi-unsuccessful garment sewing adventures, I wanted to end my winter break on a happy note so I decided to make myself a new bag (since my sewing experience began with bags / bags are one-size-fits-all, I figured this would be a safe zone to retreat to).

I inventoried my zipper stash to help with deciding which bag to make. The Double Zip Wallet won!

Double Zip Wallet

Since this project kind of stemmed from my avoidance of finishing the Veronika skirt {free pattern from Megan Nielsen} I’d cut [but was too intimidated by the idea of my first zipper installation / was scared I’d have yet another semi-unsuccessful garment to add to the pile], it seemed fitting for me to use the scraps for the wallet.


I picked up this gorgeous floral print corduroy from Hobby Lobby after my friend Amber recommended it to me at our quilt guild holiday party {I can’t seem to find it online anywhere 😦 }.

I had some of this bright pink upholstery fabric lying around and it coordinated great with the floral corduroy so I used it for the interior. I also love how the mustard color zippers link the print as well.


Excuse the bandaid – this bag was totally worth the 1 small seam-ripper injury 😉

The construction of this wallet was unlike any bag I’ve made. Even constructing the card slots was slightly different. It was a nice opportunity to grow my bag-making skill set.

All-in-all, the construction was quite neat! I re-read the instructions several times before starting each step to be extra careful since this was my first attempt at this project (and because I wanted to avoid adding to the semi-unsuccessful pile!). I particularly like how the zippers turned out – there was no puckering in the corners like I usually have with my zipper pouches.

But I did accidentally attached the card slots upside down (the card slots are supposed to be on the bottom with the bill flap at the top, but mine are backwards).


I like the bias binding that is attached to the top of the bill flap (bottom of the picture above). I feel like it helps to hold the flap a little more securely. Being the perfectionist that I am, it bothers me that the flap is not lined (you can see the fusible interfacing I used on the underside. This is likely not a problem for most since I added the interfacing on my own volition because I like sturdy card slots 🙂 ). Next time I am going to try to make the card slot piece longer so that I can fold it at the top to make it “lined”. I may also attempt to add an extra row of card slots.

Having two fairly large zipper pouches in one wallet is fabulous! Between the card slots and bill flap, I had all the space I needed to hold my usual wallet fillers. Both zipper pouches are empty right now because I’m still debating what I want to house in each. I’m leaning towards lip balm and such in one and loose change in the other.

Originally I thought the Rainbow Clutch would be my favorite wallet from the book, but it’s going to be hard to beat the Double Zip Wallet!


Up next on my “to make” list

I can’t wait to make a Market Bag – I’m debating between using some of my Liberty of London or Cath Kidston stash as the accent fabric.

market bag

Market Bag via Noodlhead {click for source}

I’m thinking the Zip Top Tote might make a nice everyday work bag [but you know my love for my Super Tote for work!].

zip top tote

Denim Zip Top Tote via Noodlehead {click for source}

I also ordered button studs so that I could make Anna’s latest design – the Carkai Gatherer Crossbody Bag {free pattern!}. I can’t wait to give that one a try!


Carkai Crossbody Bag via Noodlehead {click for source}

PS: If you want a sneak peek at the projects in Anna’s book Handmade Style, check out this beautiful post.

Melly Sews Favorite Purse {and mine too!}

In July I visited Baltimore for work. The trip snuck up on me and backed right up to our annual trip to Asheville.

As usual, I had about a bajillion sewing projects running through my head that I was determined to make before leaving. At the top of the list was Melly Sews’ Favorite Purse. I knew this would be the perfect travel bag – it has ample pockets and is larger than my usual cross-body pattern.

And so, I spent the Friday evening before leaving for Baltimore cutting out and taping the paper pattern pieces followed by cutting the fabric. Since I wasn’t going to sew until Saturday, I pinned the paper pattern pieces to the fabric pieces so I could easily locate pieces for construction.

I had bought the pattern when Melly was running a killer sale for Memorial Day weekend (you should sign up for her newsletter so you can get in on those and see all the free patterns & tutorials she offers – and check out her blog).

I was feeling a little intimidated with all the zippers involved with constructing the Favorite Purse, but I’ve been practicing with simple zipper clutches lately (here’s my favorite tutorial!) and was feeling more confident.

Melly includes great instructions in her pattern with lots of helpful pictures.

I even learned how to make my own bias tape which was very exciting after I had looked at fabric shops to see if I could find a cute package of patterned bias tape a few weeks ago (in an effort to save time) and was super bummed to discover only solid colors 😦 I knew I wanted the main fabric to be solid for versatility, but wanted the bias tape to add a little pizzazz. So, I taught myself! It was much easier than I thought.

I’m really excited at how my bag turned out AND how it perfectly matches my Noodle Head Super Tote (which I used as my carry on bag).


matching handmade bags for the WIN!

One thing to note about my version of the Favorite Purse is that I excluded the oval shaped side tabs. I had originally cut out the pieces and fully intended to add them (because they looked so cute!), but attaching the bias tape around the curved edges almost killed me. I had little time to spare so I just nixed them from my design (since they weren’t essential) and it turned out okay! 🙂

I also added a magnetic clasp to the front pocket (behind my label on the interior). I did not add a magnetic clasp to the back pocket (which looks the same as the front without a label) because it would be lying flat against me so would likely stay shut (and it did). I appreciated the back pocket not having a clasp because it actually made it more convenient for holding my plane tickets.

My zippers are a bit mismatched because I decided late Friday night that I’d spend the whole day Saturday constructing the purse. I knew if I went to the craft store for matching zippers in the morning, I’d be there for hours buying all sorts of other things and lose precious construction time. {I needed to be up early Sunday morning to drive to Charlotte to catch my flight. And I still hadn’t packed. Time was of the essence.}

The black zipper at the top is from The Zipper Shop on Etsy, the interior zipper (I used a 6 inch zipper and added fabric zipper tabs on each end so it fit the area I’d cut in the interior to attach) is from The Zipper Stop on Etsy, and the light blue zipper that you see on the front is a vintage zipper I picked up at an estate sale (never underestimate the goodies you can find at a garage or estate sale!).

On similar note, I recently ordered zippers from The Zipper Shop on Etsy. I love the selection and the quality of these zippers. The shop is located in North Carolina which also makes me happy (we Carolinas like to stick together 😉 #GeographyJoke) and the shop owner is super fast with shipping!

I just ordered these beauties and can’t wait to use them!


[Click the image to be taken to these zippers on Etsy]

I skipped making my own removable strap. Thanks to my obsession with vintage purses and the fact that many of them have removable straps (and my friend Emily who brings me straps she finds while thrifting!), I had a few on hand so I knew one was sure to work. I had a shorter leather luggage strap that Emily found a few months ago that worked perfect (thanks Emily!)! Since the bag is a good bit deeper than my usual cross-body bags + I’m a good bit shorter than the average person, this shorter strap was a life saver (because I couldn’t find an adjustable strap in my stash to match!).

Excluding the time it took to cut out and piece together the paper pieces (which wasn’t too bad) and cut the fabric pieces, the bag took a full day to construct (if you eliminate my coffee reheating breaks and a dinner break [yes, I forgot about lunch], it was probably close to 6-ish hours). That being said, it was totally worth it! I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this bag – it’s by far my most useful yet (because of all the pockets and the depth! It’s got the storage of a shoulder bag, but the comfortable wear and functionality of a cross-body bag…win!).

From the airport to the streets of the Inner Harbor (shopping, dining, sight seeing and wandering), this bag was perfect. It easily held all my necessities and even a few small souvenirs. It kept my plane tickets, room key, conference badge and other essentials organized and easily accessible so I wasn’t awkwardly digging around trying to find something when I needed it.

Oh, and here I am taking shameless elevator selfies after arriving to Baltimore {I just had to get an “in action” shot so you could see how fabulous this bag is!}:

travel bags

Matching handmade bags & my weirdest wolf shirt make for great travel attire 😉

Interested in making your own version of Melly Sews‘ Favorite Purse? Find the pattern here.

What I’m Lovin’ in July

Guess what happened again?!

Yep, I’m late on July’s What I’m Lovin’ post, but I figured it’d be a good way to kick off August 😉

resliced by Jordan

Here’s my list of what I was lovin’ in July (and maybe still lovin’ in August! 😉 )

1. Inspiration from the ReFashionista! Did you see that awesome post from BuzzFeed about her?!

I had already heard about the ReFashionista from my dear friend Shanika and have been hoping to run into her around town (she’s from Columbia too!). We haven’t met in person yet, but I’m following her blog like we’re besties.

Promptly after reading the BuzzFeed post, I skipped on over to Facebook and signed up to receive notifications from the ReFashionista’s page.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Now every time she posts, I see the link and become immediately infatuated with the magic she performs on sad, deserted thrift wear. The other day she posted about a seersucker house dress refashion which has since sent me into a tizzy looking for an abandoned house dress.


Mind blown. She’s a genius.

And this one! It’s a no sew refashion that involves her tying the sleeves around her waist — I mean, who thinks of this brilliance?! Oh yeah, the ReFashionista.

I think my favorite part about the ReFashionista’s blog is that she includes step-by-step instructions (usually with pictures) of how she performed the refashion. A girl who shares her tricks – now that’s what I love! 🙂

2. Supporting my local thrift store! This is a double whammy.

First, I love a good purge (remember that time I told you about my mission to live small?). I’ve been on a kick this summer of simplifying which apparently means reorganizing my fabric collection a billion times and going through my closet filling donation bags…over and over.

Second, I love dropping donations off at Revente’s Second Chances because the staff is always friendly and they always have the best stock! (AND their sales benefit the local Women’s Shelter! Win. Win. Win.)

Example: I have been riding around with 3 bags in my car that I’d been meaning to donate (aren’t we all guilty of this?!). On my lunch break this week I decided to swing by while I was out and alleviate my back seat. Well – some purple polka dots caught my eye and next thing I know I had found this Boden dress in perfect condition for only $15!


Seriously. How precious is the collar?!

Keep an eye on my Instagram because you know I’ll post a picture when I wear it! 😉

{Confession: I didn’t even try it on because…$15 for a Boden, y’all! I figured I could pull some of my ReFashionista inspiration on it if I have to!}

3. The fact that running for even 5 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart attack. 

You’re doubting me aren’t you? Check out the very-dreamy Brian William’s clip from NBC Nightly News.

As a Public Health grad, I know that any physical exercise is healthy. BUT our standard was always 30 minutes, 5 days per week. Alas – we can all feel fine with the sub-half-hour gym visit after a long day at work (or is that just me?).

Looking for a quick run? Try this one from my friend Alex at Work Hard Eat Harder:


[Click the photo for more details on Work Hard Eat Harder]

 4. Matching handmade bags!

Keep an eye out for a post about my version of Melly Sews’ Favorite Purse (which may also be my favorite purse now!) that I sewed up just in time for Baltimore (also – more to come on that trip!). The cherry on top of this bag: it matches my Noodle Head Super Tote!


Doesn’t every gal need a full set of matching bags? Up next: a wallet! 🙂

5. Rediscovering how much I love to read!

The Hubs started a new job a few weeks ago and has to be to work at 6:00am. In addition, I’m working our “summer schedule” at the school district meaning: a 10 hour days that start at 7:00 with Fridays off. I don’t have quite enough time to get by the gym before work like usual so that’s been rescheduled to after work (which makes for a very long day, but I’m not complaining because I rest up on Fridays and sew!). All that said, I’ve been trading morning news for some quiet reading time which has been so delightful.

Even the time the cat came and sat directly on top of the dog's head peace remained.

Even the time the cat came and sat directly on top of the dog’s head peace remained.

I’ve got a few summer books to recommend so keep an eye out for those posts soon!

6. Supporting my favorite non-profit with photos!

My very favorite local non-profit who tirelessly fights for women’s reproductive rights in South Carolina (oh heyyy TellThem!) invited me to participate in their photo-a-day challenge for August via Twitter. I’m always looking for an excuse to post more photos (I’m obsessed with Instagram) so obviously I’m in!


I’d love it if you participated with me! You can read more about the challenge on TellThem’s blog, but here are the basics: post a photo that relates to the corresponding day’s theme (ie: August 1st we’ll all post something related to “celebration”), include the hashtag #SCrahrah and tag @TellThemSC in your post (find TellThem on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest).


for the grand finale..

7. It’s my sister’s birthday month!!


Words can’t describe my infatuation with my sister. She is EVERYTHING to me and I love love love her so much!

She’s not one for big birthday celebrations, but I’ve got some great crafting planned to make up for the fact that I was out of town for her birthday…again. Keep an eye out for that too – you bet I’ll share some pictures with you!

{Catch up on all What I’m Lovin’ monthly posts here}

Tribal Print Wristlet

It has been a few weeks [gasp] since I had locked myself away in my craft room for some quality sewing time. During my hiatus, my mental creative to-do list kept growing like wildfire. I had been feeling cluttered and crippled. So I did what always makes me feel better and spent Friday purging and cleaning my space.


my new clean space!

I could hardly wait for daybreak on Saturday to get started! Only problem: while I had been craving a new design, said design hadn’t come with pattern or fabric cravings so here I was feeling overwhelmed with color, pattern and texture choices (I have a bit of a fabric addiction).

But then out peeked this beauty from the stash:

fabric flat

A few months ago a friend on Instagram had offered up a great black tribal print flat fold that I hadn’t yet cut into. I had packed up some red pleather (or as I liked to say “vegan leather”) to take to my friend Shanika, but cut off a piece for one last hurrah.

I knew I wanted to create a wristlet because the Super Tote I carry to work is a bit large (I know, that was the point) and requires me to have something to catch all my necessities so they don’t get lost. I have been using a clutch that I then dump into a cross-body for the weekend. I wanted something that could go from wristlet during the week to cross-body for the weekend without having to switch it out twice a week.

So off I go into my design cloud and – poof! – out comes my new zip-top wristlet / cross-body.

wristlet{On another note – I’m wearing Mint & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe Jamberry nail wraps which I love.}

Remember that heart I showed you on Sunday’s post? Well, here it is on the inside of the bag:

insideThe interior is a vintage yellow polka dotted tablecloth. The pocket in the photo above is from my scrap fabric pile. On the other side of the interior (closest, but you can’t see it very well) is a larger pocket that matches the exterior of the bag. I found the teal zipper at a garage sale. It’s been sitting in my stash waiting for the right moment. It matched the exterior perfectly and adds an extra pop of color (which I love!). The detachable wristlet handle is made from scrap fabric.

The bag is slightly more shallow than I had intended. I’m working on the pattern and the next version will be a bit deeper. Once I get the pattern just right, I’ll post some in the shop on Etsy. If you’re lovin’ the tribal print, I’ve got quite a bit left and can take custom orders (submit a request on this page for more details!).

What’s your favorite feature of my new bag?