2014 recap

We’re now 2 weeks into the new year and I’ve been completely neglecting this little blog of mine.

Why? I’m still soaking in the unplugged time I enjoyed while in England with the Hubs over the holidays (but I did plug in from time to time to load a few pictures to Instagram – follow the hashtag #JandJsBritishHoliday – I promise to post about the trip soon!).

And, frankly, it’s been tough getting back into the swing of things.

But, I’m back! And I want to wish you a very happy new year! I hope yours is off to a great start!

Over the hiatus, I received an email from WordPress with a link to my blog’s “annual report” which sounded super fancy so I was excited to get home and dig in!


As a data nerd, it may be a shock that I don’t regularly track my site’s statistics. To be honest, this blog is a creative outlet for me and I try not to worry about who’s reading it because I figured the incredibly low number would probably depress me 😉 Let me also be honest and say that for those of you who read it: it really means the world to me that you care what I have to say in my little corner of the internet and I’m so happy to have you here!

All that being said, I was pleasantly surprised with the stats in the report!

So what did it say?

  • In 2014, this little blog of mine was viewed around 3,400 times! WOW! Thank YOU for being a part of that number!
  • Visitors landed here mostly through Facebook and Twitter – which should be no surprise because I do love my social media 😉
  • Those visitors were from 68 countries (WOW!).
  • My post about My Mission to Live Small received the most comments (yay for Tiny Living!).

Below are my top 5 posts in 2014:

1. Vegan & Raw on Main Street – they’ve since added Sunday brunch to the menu!

2. Noodlehead Super Tote – which I’m happy to report I still carry to work daily. 

3. Vintage Charlotte – I can’t wait to go back! 

4. My First Blog Post – a great place to learn more about the vision I had for this blog in the beginning (and have tried to stick with!). 

5. Thrifted Thursday: Sailor Skirt – I’m hoping to do more refashions this year so stay tuned!

Which one is your favorite?

To hear more about this little blog’s 2014, you can find the full annual report here.

Author: Jordan Slice-Metcalfe

My name is Jordan. I'm a full-time working mom whose coffee cup is always half full (and probably still in the microwave). I've got a weak spot for rescuing old dogs, pretending pizza is a vegetable, negotiating dessert with every meal, propagating more plants than any home needs, dreaming of sewing projects while my husband is talking to me, and loving my tribe too deep.

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