Birthday Month Giveaway #1

Before I jump into this week’s giveaway, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has happened in my sweet city since the weekend.

As many of you may be following, Columbia has been hit hard with historic levels of rain as a result of Hurricane Joaquin. The images floating around social media and being reported by the news are surreal. While my family has been very lucky (my house and immediate area were spared any real damage. My parents, grandparents and sister were also just as fortunate) – we are all safe and dry.

Many families and staff from the school where my sister teaches were not as fortunate. I received a panicked text from my sister on Monday to start praying because she just saw an apartment complex that many of her students live in underwater on the news. Shortly after she informed me that a fellow teacher and her 4-year-old son, a janitor from her school and hundreds of families (110+) lost their homes and had been displaced to a local park that was acting as a shelter for victims.

My heart is so broken. I can’t imagine what these families are going through.

While these families were going through probably the scariest moments of their lives, I was warm and dry in my sewing room – with power and running water…just a few miles away.

And so, I did what made most sense to me: I emptied my shrinking resliced stash and decided I’d use my craft to fundraise for these families. Currently, I have a few bags ready and I’ll be making more items (including jewelry!) over the coming days to add to the auction.

In addition, my sister recruited her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and husband’s aunt (who were all riding the storm out together) to arm knit scarves to add to the fundraiser.

We’ll be auctioning these items off on resliced’s Facebook page. We may post a few additional items on resliced’s Instagram account so follow along there too (@reslicedsc). If you see something you like, comment with your bid amount and your email address. We’re offering free local (Irmo & Columbia, SC) pick-up or we can ship in the US for $5. The auction will be open until Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 8:00pm EST.

ALL proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Seven Oaks Elementary students, staff and families affected by the #SCFlood. I will post how these donations are used in the coming weeks on resliced’s Facebook page so you can follow along.

*Click here to see the full Auction album*

Now without further adieu, keep reading for this week’s birthday giveaway 🙂

It’s no secret that I love snail mail. Since the Etsy Craft Party this summer, I have been upcycling all the beautiful magazines (and wrapping paper scraps…and paper grocery bags…) I come across. Because of that, I’ve gotten quite a collection of handmade envelopes. And I want to share them with you!

bday giveaway 1

This week’s giveaway will be a set of 5 handmade envelopes with 5 blank hand-cut folding cards (from white cardstock). And the best part: I’ve got TWO sets so there will be TWO winners!

map envelope 2

Set #1

The first set is made from vintage National Geographic map scraps (courtesy of MaryAnn of Life is a Maker Faire) leftover from the Etsy Craft Party.

map envelope 4

Set #1

map envelope 1

Set #1

map envelope 3

Set #1

The second set was made from last month’s issue of Jasper magazine.

jasper envelope 4

Set #2

I love this set because it features local art – like this mural that can be found on Taylor Street:

jasper envelope 1

Set #2

It’s like sending a little piece of Columbia to an out-of-town friend!

jasper envelope 2

Set #2

And this one would be fun to send to a friend at Thanksgiving:

Set #2

Set #2

It’s super easy to make your own envelopes out of nearly anything {you can find instructions in this post}. I have several envelope templates left over from the Etsy Craft Party so each of the winners will also receive one of those so that they can use them later to make their own handmade envelopes.

In addition to the envelopes and blank cards, I’m also including a few strips of washi tape that can be used to seal the envelopes. Washi tape is my favorite for sealing handmade envelopes – it’s easy and always adds a fun pop of pattern or color.

If you’re making your own envelopes and don’t have washi on hand, you could follow The Postman’s Knock recipe for DIY envelope glue or just use regular tape or glue (though it may cause some tearing of your precious envelopes when they are opened). Washi tape is very similar to painter’s tape and masking tape so those are also options.

Enter this week’s giveaway:

**Click here to enter the giveaway**

Please read this post for more information about my birthday month giveaways. 

PS: I’ve decided to lengthen the entry window – now you’ll have until Sunday at midnight to enter the drawing!

Handmade Envelopes from Last Year’s Calendar

My 2014 fridge calendar was so beautiful that I wanted to find a way to salvage / reuse the beautiful images.

At this point, you are probably well aware of my new love of making my own envelopes {remember that time I made envelopes from an old skirt magazine for the Bridal Tea party?}. I knew the weight and size of the glossy pages would be perfect for constructing envelopes so I saved a few of my favorites.

I saved some of my favorite pages from the calendar before recycling the rest. The pages had been sitting aside waiting patiently to be turned into envelopes for a few weeks now.


To get started you’ll need to gather these supplies:

  • Calendar pages (alternate options: magazine pages, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, etc)
  • Glue stick
  • Scrap paper for the address label (alternate: use a permanent marker if the design is light enough)
  • Permanent marker
  • Blank piece of paper (if you want to make a template to reuse later)
  • Envelope (used or unused – doesn’t matter)
  • Scissors
  • Strong liquid glue or clear tape
  • Washi tape
  • Paper for envelope lining – optional
  • A card that fits inside your envelope template OR make your own with construction paper, scrapbook paper or other colored paper pieces


Creating the Envelope template

If you have a used envelope whose size you like, deconstruct it by carefully detaching the sides and bottom of the envelope. Since you will be using the deconstructed envelope as your template, skip to the instructions for constructing the envelope.

If you have an unused envelope, you can create a template without deconstructing by following these steps:

1. Lift the top flap of the envelope (so that it is “open”) and align it with the top edge of the paper you are using to trace the template.

2. Trace the side edges of the top flap on the paper. Carefully hold the envelope in place on top of the paper and close the top flap. Trace around the rectangular body of the envelope (with the top flap down).

3. For the bottom of the envelope, measure the height of the bottom flap. On your paper template, measure the same distance (from the bottom of the envelope body outline) and draw a few marks. Connect the marks with a straight, horizontal line across the bottom of your template paper.

4. Measure the length of the top of the bottom flap (the area where the top flap would overlap when closed). It should be slightly less than the horizontal length of your envelope’s body.

5. On the line you have drawn at the bottom of your template page, draw notches that match the length measured in step 3 centered (as best you can) below the envelope body.

6. Draw a line from the bottom left corner of the envelope body to the left end of the line drawn in step 4. Repeat on the right side. The lines should be angled slightly inward.

7. Use the same method to draw the side flaps.

8. Use your scissors to cut around the outline of the envelope.

9. Fold the side flaps in then fold the bottom flap up. You can use a ruler to help with this by aligning the edge of the ruler along the folding line (outline of the envelope body).

10. Ensure that the side and bottom flaps overlap enough so that you will be able to glue them together. Also ensure that when the top flap is folded down, there is enough overlap so that you can secure the envelope.

If my directions are hard to follow, I suggest checking out these directions from The Postman’s Knock.

Constructing the Envelope

Once you have your template constructed (and tested to make sure the pieces align properly), you are ready to start tracing.

1. On the wrong side of the calendar pages (in our case, on the calendar grid side), trace the template using a permanent marker. Before cutting, make sure that the outline is lined up how you would like it on the image (pay particular attention to where the body of the envelope / middle rectangle aligns as this will be the front of your envelope).

2. Using your scissors, cut around the outer edges of your template outline.

3. Line your ruler up to the corners of the side flap (along the edges of the envelope body) and fold the flap towards the calendar grid (interior of envelope). Repeat for the other side flap.

4. Repeat step 3 for the bottom and top flaps.

5. Use your glue stick to coat the exterior of both side flaps where the bottom flap overlaps. Fold the bottom flap up so that it sticks to the side flaps.

6. Ensure that the envelope doesn’t glue shut by inserting your card or a piece of paper to separate as necessary. (Remove the paper or card / don’t leave the card inside the envelope while it dries.)

7. Set envelope aside to let glue dry.

8. Using a piece of scrap paper, write your recipients address and attach to your envelope using strong liquid glue or clear tape.

9. If you already have a card to use, go ahead and write a sweet note to someone you love. If you don’t have a card, cut pieces of construction paper / scrapbook paper / other colored paper slightly smaller than the body of your envelope. I found some colored 5×7″ card stock on clearance at Michael’s so that’s what I used 🙂

10. Put the beautifully written note inside the envelope and seal with washi tape. If you are feeling especially handy, you could try making your own envelope glue.

11. Send your lovely happy mail on it’s way! {Don’t forget a stamp!}

Here’s some envelope eye candy from my 2014 calendar…

e 1nvelope

Wouldn’t this be perfect for holding a handmade wedding card?

envelope 1a

Envelope interior with exposed calendar grid (no lining)

I kind of like how the calendar grid peeks through on the inside of the envelope. To me it screams: “Once upon a time I was trash, but now I’m treasure!” 😉

If you want your upcycling to be a little less obvious, feel free to add a lining to your envelope. Martha Stewart has a nice how-to on envelope lining here or you can download her liner templates with this tutorial.

envelope 2

I can’t wait to send this one in the spring!

envelope 5

I sent this one to my penpal and was able to write her address directly onto the front with a permanent marker.

I picked out my favorite one and sent it to my Mom 🙂

calendar envelope

I love how colorful this pattern is (and so did my Mom!)

A lesson learned: a glue stick isn’t quite strong enough to hold the address on (I glued paper scraps with the address directly to the front of the envelope). If it’s possible, I recommend using a permanent marker to write directly onto the envelope. For some of my designs (like the white flower), this worked, but for others (like above) that wasn’t an option. Next time I will try using my liquid glue or clear tape to keep it secure.

Luckily, the address piece didn’t fall completely off until it had reached my Mom (yay!), but I wanted to share a word of warning because it would be a real tragedy if your beautiful masterpiece didn’t reach it’s intended recipient!

envelope 4

When I send this one, I think I will try to wrap the address below the purple flowers.

A wall calendar is the perfect material for making envelopes. If you’re still holding on to last year’s calendar, give handmade envelopes a try!

Keep an eye out – these envelopes will likely make a reappearance in some future #reslicedHappyMail!

What I’m Lovin’ in February

I’m always sad to see February go. As the shortest month of the year, it should be no surprise that it flies by, but it surprises me every time!

Before it goes, I wanted to share the list of what I’m lovin’ this month with you!

resliced by Jordan

1. handmade envelopes

calendar envelopes

Envelopes made from my 2014 fridge calendar – stay tuned for this post!

At first I was surprised at how easy they were to construct, but then I just ran with it and now I can’t stop making them!

2. a cozy local breakfast with mismatch mugs

cafe mugs

Left is my sister’s mug (lady bugs for the KT bug!) and right is the one I picked out for our breakfast at Cafe Strudel

There’s nothing more cozy than a warm cup of coffee from your favorite well-worn mug. Last month, my sister and I enjoyed a #SliceSisters date at Cafe Strudel followed by some antique tea cup shopping [for the Bridal tea party we’re throwing] at the Old Mill Antique Mall next door. We completely fell in love with both. The food at Cafe Strudel was amazing and the coffee bar {where you chose your own mismatched, well-worn mug} was our favorite part!

3. Homemade Oreos


Need I say more?! I made this recipe for the Hubs’ birthday (using the icing recipe from these red velvet cookies). DELICIOUS.

4. tea parties

my teacup

matching teacups & saucers make me swoon.

Who doesn’t love a good excuse for sweet treats and drinking coffee from a fancy teacup and saucer with her pinky stuck straight up in the air?! I sure do!

Read all about the Bridal tea party I threw (here) at Blue Flour Bakery. And if you’re inspired to throw your own tea party, send me an invitation! 😉

5. Nothin’ but Nola’s Goin’ Nuts granola

Maybe you remember my lust for the Lady Loves gift box from what I was lovin’ in January?

lady loves

Well, I ordered 2 boxes for 2 very special ladies in my life to remind them that they’re awesome {and according to both [proof here], they loved every bit of that box}.

Lauren from Nothin’ but Nola rebounded all of my questions and even entertained my obsession with the Lady Loves boxes as I shared them all over social media. And what d’ya know?! One of those Lady Loves gift boxes arrived on my doorstep on Valentine’s Day sent by Lauren herself! 🙂

Hello, happy mail!!

Hello, happy mail!!

I promptly ripped it open and nearly died from excitement!


*insert heart eyed emojis*

Lauren is so thoughtful and I so appreciated the gift (especially because my Valentine spent the weekend in Atlanta with his grandfather who had a heart attack. And since I wasn’t able to be there to hug the big guy I’ve adopted as my own grandpa, my house was a little gloomy).

Don’t worry if you missed the Lady Loves gift box, you can still order yourself (or someone you love!) the goodies:

I’ve been munching on the Goin’ Nuts granola non-stop since I got it (seriously though, I need to order a refill). Not only is the granola absolutely delicious, but for every bag of granola you order, Nothin’ but Nola donates one meal to a local food bank (read more about their awesome mission here). Love, love, love seeing [handmade!] businesses giving back to their communities with every purchase. ❤

6. my sister’s newly discovered craftiness!

I have been bugging my sister relentlessly to take up crafting [of any kind]. I could go on for days about the benefits of crafting [or you could read why crafting is great for your brain here], but I won’t…at least not today 😉

But…crafts take a lot of patience. My sister was a classroom teacher for 5 years and has just moved out of the classroom and into the role of “Reading Coach” at her school this year. Working to mold little minds into great thinkers everyday takes a lot of patience. It was tough to convince her to use some of that patience on crafting, but I’m glad she is doing that now!

My sister has taken up arm knitting and gosh-darnit if she’s not excellent at it!! Proof:

kt arm knit scarf

this beautiful mustard yellow scarf knit by my sister

She is on a roll with it! She knit a cream colored scarf during the Super Bowl, a pretty pink one for Valentine’s Day and even a black and garnet one for my Mom (go Cocks!)!

I’m so proud of her!

In other scarf news, did you see the one Virginia made me for the Handmade Scarf Swap?! Loving all my new handmade scarves!

7. new glasses


My new tortoise shell glasses (I’m really digging the AK lion on the side)

I got my first pair of glasses one year ago when I realized that I was having a hard time reading presentations at work. As the youngest person in the room, I knew something must be wrong. I was right. As the doctor confirmed, my eyesight was on the high end of “not that bad.” Ever since the day I picked up those gorgeous light purple Michael Kors specs, my view of facial accessories has changed: glasses are definitely the best accessory a girl can have {just above scarves}.

8. #reslicedHappyMail

I can’t help but love this little snail mail project of mine! I’ve had SO much fun creating cards for all of the #reslicedHappyMail recipients so far and I’m excited to get started on the rest. It’s been fun expanding my crafting skills and practicing my calligraphy. The most exciting part of the project is being able to hear the stories of my recipients. I love reading the nomination forms and hearing how awesome the people you know are and what cool things they are doing.

In case you’ve missed them, here’s a recap of the Happy Mail that’s been sent so far {click the images to read the original post and hear the stories}


#1 was sent to a lady named Pat who currently resides in a nursing home.


#2 was sent to a pre-kindergarten teacher named Winter.


#3 was sent to a boy named Bubby Everson who just celebrated what doctors say may be his last birthday.

If you know someone who could use a little reminder that they are special, nominate them to receive a piece of #reslicedHappyMail by filling out the form here. Be sure to read the original post to review all those pesky little rules.

{Catch up on all What I’m Lovin’ monthly posts here.}