Birthday Month Giveaway #1

Before I jump into this week’s giveaway, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has happened in my sweet city since the weekend.

As many of you may be following, Columbia has been hit hard with historic levels of rain as a result of Hurricane Joaquin. The images floating around social media and being reported by the news are surreal. While my family has been very lucky (my house and immediate area were spared any real damage. My parents, grandparents and sister were also just as fortunate) – we are all safe and dry.

Many families and staff from the school where my sister teaches were not as fortunate. I received a panicked text from my sister on Monday to start praying because she just saw an apartment complex that many of her students live in underwater on the news. Shortly after she informed me that a fellow teacher and her 4-year-old son, a janitor from her school and hundreds of families (110+) lost their homes and had been displaced to a local park that was acting as a shelter for victims.

My heart is so broken. I can’t imagine what these families are going through.

While these families were going through probably the scariest moments of their lives, I was warm and dry in my sewing room – with power and running water…just a few miles away.

And so, I did what made most sense to me: I emptied my shrinking resliced stash and decided I’d use my craft to fundraise for these families. Currently, I have a few bags ready and I’ll be making more items (including jewelry!) over the coming days to add to the auction.

In addition, my sister recruited her mother-in-law, sister-in-law and husband’s aunt (who were all riding the storm out together) to arm knit scarves to add to the fundraiser.

We’ll be auctioning these items off on resliced’s Facebook page. We may post a few additional items on resliced’s Instagram account so follow along there too (@reslicedsc). If you see something you like, comment with your bid amount and your email address. We’re offering free local (Irmo & Columbia, SC) pick-up or we can ship in the US for $5. The auction will be open until Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 8:00pm EST.

ALL proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Seven Oaks Elementary students, staff and families affected by the #SCFlood. I will post how these donations are used in the coming weeks on resliced’s Facebook page so you can follow along.

*Click here to see the full Auction album*

Now without further adieu, keep reading for this week’s birthday giveaway 🙂

It’s no secret that I love snail mail. Since the Etsy Craft Party this summer, I have been upcycling all the beautiful magazines (and wrapping paper scraps…and paper grocery bags…) I come across. Because of that, I’ve gotten quite a collection of handmade envelopes. And I want to share them with you!

bday giveaway 1

This week’s giveaway will be a set of 5 handmade envelopes with 5 blank hand-cut folding cards (from white cardstock). And the best part: I’ve got TWO sets so there will be TWO winners!

map envelope 2

Set #1

The first set is made from vintage National Geographic map scraps (courtesy of MaryAnn of Life is a Maker Faire) leftover from the Etsy Craft Party.

map envelope 4

Set #1

map envelope 1

Set #1

map envelope 3

Set #1

The second set was made from last month’s issue of Jasper magazine.

jasper envelope 4

Set #2

I love this set because it features local art – like this mural that can be found on Taylor Street:

jasper envelope 1

Set #2

It’s like sending a little piece of Columbia to an out-of-town friend!

jasper envelope 2

Set #2

And this one would be fun to send to a friend at Thanksgiving:

Set #2

Set #2

It’s super easy to make your own envelopes out of nearly anything {you can find instructions in this post}. I have several envelope templates left over from the Etsy Craft Party so each of the winners will also receive one of those so that they can use them later to make their own handmade envelopes.

In addition to the envelopes and blank cards, I’m also including a few strips of washi tape that can be used to seal the envelopes. Washi tape is my favorite for sealing handmade envelopes – it’s easy and always adds a fun pop of pattern or color.

If you’re making your own envelopes and don’t have washi on hand, you could follow The Postman’s Knock recipe for DIY envelope glue or just use regular tape or glue (though it may cause some tearing of your precious envelopes when they are opened). Washi tape is very similar to painter’s tape and masking tape so those are also options.

Enter this week’s giveaway:

**Click here to enter the giveaway**

Please read this post for more information about my birthday month giveaways. 

PS: I’ve decided to lengthen the entry window – now you’ll have until Sunday at midnight to enter the drawing!


Birthday Month Giveaway Announcement

Happy October, friends! For those of you who don’t know (and haven’t noticed I’m a total Libra), my birthday is this month!

I used to love celebrating my birthday as a child and especially as a teenager, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s lost a lot of the pizzazz (adulthood has a way of really making things bland, huh?!). I’ve also been tossing around ideas for paying-it-forward and wanted to do so around my birthday. I know there are loads of ways to do this (like collecting donations for charity in lieu of gifts – a past colleague of mine did this and I thought it was great), but I’m taking another route: I’m going to be hosting WEEKLY (!) Giveaways during the month of October to share the love with you, my loyal readers!

giveaway announcement

How the Giveaway will work – the Basics

Every Wednesday in October (7th, 14th, 21st & 28th), I will post the new giveaway details here on the blog. I’ll include what you can win (most of which will be my creations! And maybe a few goodies handmade by people I love) and how you can enter. You will have until Friday Sunday at midnight to enter. See Entry Rules below for more information. 

I will be using Rafflecopter to “host” the giveaway. To enter, you will follow the link at the bottom of the post which will take you to the Rafflecopter giveaway where you will enter. You’ll be given multiple options for entry ranging in “value” (number of points it will get you) so that you can choose which method(s) you would like to use to enter. You can find more information on what it’s like to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway here

UPDATE: I had issues embedding the giveaway (long story short: WordPress + Rafflecopter = a gamble with whether it’ll actually embed – there are many reasons why and it appears I fall into one of those). Because of that, you will need to follow the link at the bottom of the post to Rafflecopter’s site where the giveaway is posted. Entry is the same as it would have been – you are just opening a separate window to do so (sorry for the inconvenience). 

How to ensure you’ll hear about the giveaways

I’ll post the new giveaway every Wednesday at 8:00am EST. You could always go the old school route and set calendar reminders to check the site…OR you can use one of the methods below:

Subscribe to receive blog posts via email – If you’re not already, you can “subscribe” to my blog to receive new posts via email.

If you’re on a computer, look for the box matching the image below in the upper right corner of your screen. If you’re on your mobile device, scroll all the way to the bottom and it will appear. Enter your email address into the bar and click “Follow.” Boom. Now you’ll receive an email each time I post something new to the blog.

blog follow

Because the automation of today’s technology is much more consistent than my memory, subscribing via email is the best method to guarantee you’ll hear about the giveaway.

Follow me on Twitter – I have set up the blog so that it will automatically tweet a link to new posts as they are published. You can find me on Twitter here or search for @jordslice11.

Follow the blog on Facebook – I will be posting links to the giveaway after they have been published on the blog’s Facebook page. To receive alerts via Facebook: Make sure you have “Liked” the Facebook page. Then hover over “Liked” or click the carrot (downward pointing triangle) to display options (see image below). Select “Get Notifications” to receive a notification each time something new is posted to the Facebook page. Additionally or rather than, you could also select “See First” to see new posts at the top of your newsfeed (on your Facebook home page).

fb subscribe

Follow me on Instagram – Each Wednesday I’ll post a picture of the week’s giveaway prize. Follow me on Instagram here or search for @jordslice11.

Entry Rules – Make sure you read them all! 

For each giveaway, you will have until Friday Sunday evening at midnight to enter. You will be required to submit your mailing address when you enter the raffle. This information will only be used if you win the raffle. Additionally, you will also be required to submit your email address so that I can contact you to let you know you have won. I will email the winner by Saturday afternoon and will announce the previous week’s winner on the new giveaway post for that week (each Wednesday).

Shipping of prizes – Giveaway prizes will be shipped via USPS to the winner. I’m sorry, but due to the high costs of shipping (and this being a sole investment of yours truly), this giveaway is only open to recipients with a shipping address within the continental United States.

Prizes will be shipped to the winner no later than the first week of November 2015. Winners will be sent a tracking number via email when the package is shipped. I am not responsible for items lost by the postal service. In all the time I have been shipping my goodies, I have not (*knock-on-wood!*) had this happen so I’m very hopeful we won’t run into this issue, but if we do I cannot replace the item.

Who can enter – As stated above, I am only able to ship prizes to mailing addresses within the continental United States. You can only enter each giveaway once. If you win one of the giveaways, you are still eligible to enter the future giveaways (meaning: you can win more than one of the giveaways!).

Disclaimer – This blog is run by little ole me (remember me?) and only me. That being said, I reserve the right to modify these rules as necessary (this is a learning process – it’s my first giveaway). I will reserve this right for emergency situations where it is truly necessary for me to change the rules (I like to stick to my word – I am a Southerner, after all 😉 ).

Social Media – I would love love love it if you share about the giveaway on Social Media! You can tag me on Instagram and Twitter with my handle: @jordslice11. I will also be posting links to the weekly giveaway on the blog’s Facebook page so you can share with your friends there.

Additionally, if you win a prize, I would love it so very much if you post a picture of you enjoying your prize to social media and tag me. Seeing others enjoy something I’ve made (or something I love), makes my heart so happy.

For fun: let’s practice! Below is a link to my first Rafflecopter giveaway. I set it up to give you an idea of what it will be like to enter the giveaway each week. There are several options for entry – some will give you more “points” than others. For this particular giveaway, you are only obligated to leave your mailing address (so I know where to send the postcard). Once you enter your mailing address, additional options will appear for you to earn extra points. Follow the link below to enter:


**Click here to enter the giveaway**

{Giveaway has closed.}


And “waste not, want not” – I’ll pick a winner from this sample giveaway to send a Rachel Tenny postcard (I just stocked up on her latest collection!) – because who doesn’t love snail mail?!

tenny postcard

This little beauty could be swimming into your mailbox 😉 {PS: Click the image to see the full collection in Rachel Tenny’s Etsy shop}