What I’m Lovin’ in July and August

Summer has been busy! Posting before the end of July wasn’t in the books for me so I’ve combined what I’ve been lovin’ for July and August into one great end-of-summer list for you…Read on!

 1. This kitchen renovation

I have a dark and drab kitchen that could use some help looking airy!

 2. Beth’s Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I love how thoughtful Beth’s planning of her Summer Capsule Wardrobe is. She shared several patterns I’m taking note of!

 3. Scrap busting

I love using up fabric scraps – it’s so satisfying. Zoe’s scrappy jersey t-shirts make me wish I had more knit scraps!

4. Empathy in the workplace

Experts are saying it’s THE skill to bring to the office as we return to work in person. My favorite part of the article though was its acknowledgment that millennials are most likely to speak up when there’s injustice in the workplace. We often get a bad rap but our values are strong.

 5. After 50 years, an overdue library book was returned (with a note and $20)

This is a sweet story!

 6. The Oh She Glows Every Day Cookbook

I rented this cookbook* from my local library and quickly realized I wanted my own copy. I’ve already made several recipes from the cookbook – none have disappointed!

Favorite recipes so far: Banana Bread Muffin Tops, Cookie Dough Balls V, and the Crowd-Pleasing Caesar Salad.

To get a taste of what the cookbook might include, check out the Oh She Glows blog.

 7. Dogs

I’m never not loving dogs! But I really enjoyed this lengthy explanation of why millennials are so obsessed with dogs.

If you have time and care to give, they love freely, they put you on a schedule, they direct your attention and affection and idle thoughts toward something outside yourself. The desire to turn outward and spend energy nurturing others is a mark of emotional maturity, but that nurturing needs a vessel.

Amanda Mull for The Atlantic

Sewing Patterns I’m Lovin’ Right Now:

Cris wood Sews: Envelope Dress

Envelope dresses are gaining rave reviews for being the perfect garment for summer heat. I’m seriously considering giving one a try and this pattern is zero-waste! I’m also admiring the Parasol Dress and Top from Cris Wood Sews.

Versions I’m lovin’: 

Different pattern but a similar style that’s perfectly oversized to allow for air flow: Lou Box Dress 1.

Elbe Textiles for Peppermint Magazine: Bardon Dress

Tiered dresses are perfect for twirling…and twirling is fun – as my toddler has taught me. The Bardon Dress fits the bill. It’s available for free through Peppermint Magazine (though they recommend donating a minimum of $2 which is very reasonable!).

Versions I’m lovin’: 

Petite Stichery: Saffron Dress

This pattern can be sewn as a crop, top, or a dress – very versatile! And there are baby & kid size versions available.

Versions I’m lovin’: 

Elbe Textiles: Serpentine Hat

A sew-it-yourself floppy hat! Perfect for summer.

Versions I’m lovin’: 

 Podcast Episodes I’m Lovin’ Right Now:

Hidden Brain: Why We Hold Onto Things

[open in iTunes]

  • Initially, I added this to my queue because I’m always fascinated with what one considers a valuable possession vs. what I would. BUT the real gem of this story lies with the ridiculous story of a man (in my home state of South Carolina, of course) who fights an amputee for his foot (!) on Judge Mathis (!!) because he gained possession of the foot through the acquisition of a storage shed whose contents he purchased at an auction (not knowing there was A FOOT being stored within). Truly worth a listen.

Love to Sew: Petite Sewing

[open in iTunes]

  • As someone who stands just 5 feet tall and sews her own clothing, obviously I enjoyed this episode!

Fresh Air: Former Flight Attendant Shares Stories From The Sky

[open in iTunes]

  • This is a must-listen if you plan to fly by plane ever again 😉 Flight attendants are fascinating and definitely under appreciated (did you know that boarding, deplaning, and any time spent sitting on the runway is unpaid?!).

Check Your Thread: Introductions

[open the first episode in iTunes]

  • I have been following her blog for years and was super excited to see that Zoe has started a podcast!

Each week Check Your Thread will look at how to sew more sustainably, through inspiring conversation and fun explorations. For those of us who are concerned about the climate crisis but love sewing our own clothes, it’s an opportunity to nerd out about garment sewing, whilst figuring out ways to reduce the impact it may have on the planet.

So, ZoCheck Your Thread: I’ve Started a Podcast!

It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders: Prince’s Intimate Moments

[open in iTunes]

  • In the episode, Sam discusses Randee St. Nicholas’ book of photos* she’s taken of Prince over the years – it’s a fascinating recounting of two incredible artists working alongside one another to create the kind of legendary art that will undoubtedly outlive both of them.

Pop-up Magazine: Field Guide: Walking

[open in iTunes]

  • As someone who loves going for walks, this episode felt like I was listening to stories told by my imaginary walking buddies 😉 I can’t wait to try the rainbow game on a walk with Andy soon.

Revolutionist History: Laundry Done Right

[open in iTunes]

  • Did you know that as long as you have 8 (or more) dishes in your dishwasher, it uses less water and energy than if you were to run your sink for 2 minutes?! This episode was packed full of great resource-saving laundry-related tips.

Thank you for reading along & being a part of my community. ❤

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*This post may contain affiliate links. If you use the link to make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation at no additional charge to you. 

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