Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters on Amazon

LOVE the holidays – especially holiday attire! What most people consider “ugly” Christmas sweaters, I’ve had in my closet for years and wear regularly during the season. One of them even has BELLS on it.

THIS is the sweater – the zipper has a bell on it. I LOVE it. {Christmas 2018}

If you have time to cruise your local thrift stores before the holidays, do that! You’ll be saving a sweater from a life of dumpster doom and it will be unique (aka: you’re far less likely to show up to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party unintentionally matching a stranger).

{Christmas 2013}

Being that I am a funky Christmas sweater expert and all (as proof with these photos), I thought it would be appropriate to share the best ugly Christmas sweaters I’ve found on Amazon. I’m sticking to Amazon for ease and because often Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties can pop up at last minute and you’ll be happy Prime shipping is available 😉

*This post contains affiliate links. If you use the link to make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation at no additional charge to you.*

 1. Giant Reindeer Polka Dotted Sweater

 2. And this One!

  3. This Duster Cardigan

 4. Santa & Rudolph BFF Sweater

  5. Santa and a Chimney Potty

 6. This Penguin That’s Ready to Drop Some Beats

7. This Family Set

 8. Santa Riding Rudolph the T-Rex

9. For the Little Guy who’s Bringing his Tonka Trucks to the Party

10. Rudolph Skiing into the Holidays

  11. Straight Outta North Pole

12. Santa Sweater Sports Jersey

  13. This P’UGly Sweater

And also Bone, Pugz, and Harmony

  14. Wolves Howling at the Moon

  15. For the Little Ballerina

  16. If You Love Free Willy

  17. Santa Playing Golf

18. Rudolph Poncho

  19. If You’re a Math Nerd

20. Romper Sweater for Baby

21. Ninja Turtles Sweater

  22. Holly JAWLLY Christmas

 23. For the Weightlifter

 24. Flockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

25. Grateful Dead Bears

Here’s another one!

26. For Baby Shark


Here’s another Baby Shark option.

27. Pac Man

28. Toy Story

29. Censored Skating Santa

30. Golden Girls

Also available for men!

31. Care Bears

Grumpy Bear is also available.

32. To Wear While Wrapping Gifts Like a Boss

33. Sonic the Hedgehog


And – in case your sweater needs accessories…

These glasses would be the perfect addition:

Or this snowman infinity scarf:

Or these beanies that LIGHT UP!


And if it’s too hot for sweaters…

You can’t go wrong with a holiday Hawaiian shirt.

If you’re hosting an ugly sweater party or just want to spread the cheer, here’s a free printable card you can send!


Author: Jordan Slice-Metcalfe

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