What I’m Lovin’ in June

It’s true. I completely missed the last Friday in June (why does June feel like the shortest month of the year?!). So, you are receiving what I’m lovin’ in June on the last day of June instead!

Read on to see the short list of what I’ve been lovin’ this month!june

1. Supporting Handmade Shops

When you make a purchase from a local artisan, you are doing more than purchasing the item. You are inspiring them to follow their passion. I always air on the side of buying whatever I’m lusting after when I’m at craft fairs because I know what it feels like to have someone walk past your booth, mumble “I could make this” to a friend or mindlessly pass by your booth like your creations aren’t worthy of their time to browse. I also know what it’s like when a customer is as excited about your creations as you are and makes the purchase that keeps your dreams afloat.

If you’re looking for an excuse to treat yourself, browse the artisans I discovered at Made South and send them a little inspiration with your spare dollars 😉

Made South

2. This hilarious blog post…

70s moms

{Click the image to read the post}

…oh if only to live in the 70’s!

3. The Kindred Company’s Lavender Face Wash

kindred company

I discovered these folks at Made South and I’m totally hooked on the face wash! This is the best face wash I have ever used. It’s light and fluffy with the perfect balance of creamy that leaves your skin feeling perfectly refreshed – clean but not dried out.

4. Our annual Etsy Craft Party

craft party 1

My sister (left) and best friend, Caroline (right) crafting away at the party

Every year the team I co-founded, Cola Indie Makers, hosts an Etsy Craft Party. It’s such a fun event! {Wondering what it’s like? Check out this recap of last year’s event}

This year we had two upcycle-themed crafts. The first was a bucket made from paper grocery bags and duct tape. {tutorial info}

craft party 3

My sister picked a pretty stellar combination!

craft party 2

One of my finished bins {yes, holding sewing patterns of course!}

The second craft of the night was an upcycled gift bag made from a map. {tutorial info}

I am so grateful to my friend MaryAnn of Life is a Maker Faire who helped me plan this year’s event!

craft party

MaryAnn and I at the Craft Party!

The event is a lot of fun and something I take a lot of pride in planning. We incorporate a night of crafting with the community (the event is open to all!) and showcasing local handmade vendors which is another of my passions as you know 😉

You can browse all of the event photos here and be sure to follow Cola Indie Makers on Facebook and Instagram to hear about our upcoming events!

5. Quilting

quilt block

A few weeks ago I got the itch to start a quilt. There’s so much I want to learn so I dusted off a “how to build a sample block quilt” book I picked up at a quilt shop my mother-in-law recommended when I was visiting in Atlanta a while ago.

Being that my fabric stash has once again grown beyond my drawers, shelves and bins, I’m making this quilt using material I already have (aka: “scraps”).

I also registered for Quilt Con! February will be my first Quilt Con and I am so excited to see what it’s all about and soak up some quilt’spiration!

6. Farm Fresh Produce

I have the brownest of brown thumbs. I can’t even keep my succulents alive. Thus, I am so grateful to green-thumbers who share their wealth with me!

green beans

gorgeously colorful “green” beans from a recent Limited Edition Farms basket

Last year a friend-of-a-friend started offering her farm’s produce as a Crop Share program. I jumped on it! First, I love supporting local people doing what they love {see #1…} – and – second, everything I attempt to grow dies + I love fresh produce so this was perfect for me.

I meet the farmer once a week and pick up my basket. It’s so fun because I never know exactly what will be in there which forces me to be more creative with menu planning than I would’ve been.

This is my second year as a Limited Edition Farms crop share member and I can’t speak their praises loud enough. They are an all organic farm with very reasonable prices and wonderful selection. If you’re local to the Midlands SC area, check out the services they offer here.

7. Sun tea

Speaking of fresh produce, I got my hands on some super sweet peaches recently and decided to make a jar of sun tea. I had forgotten how delicious sun tea is!

sun tea

To make my tea, I threw a small handful of fresh blueberries (likely about 1/4 cup) in a glass jar with 2 peaches cut in large slices with 3 cups of warm water and 3 black tea bags. I set it in the sun for around 6 hours.

After the six hours, I poured it over a sieve and discarded all solids. The sliced peaches added enough sweetness for my taste so I did not add any sugar, but I won’t judge you if you do 😉

8. My new leather hole punch

Just before the Etsy Craft Party, I received the leather hole punch I’d ordered. I couldn’t wait to use it! I tested it on a few pieces of scrap leather I had gotten from my friend Amber.

Less than an hour before the party I whipped up this chevron necklace with a printed floral leather to raffle off at the party.


I plan to make several more since they were so easy to make! Stay tuned – I might even post a tutorial 😉

9. These fabulous tips for being productive via Afford Anything


{Click the image to read the post from Afford Anything}

10. My new name!

After four years of marriage, I finally changed my last name.

name change

Surprised the Hubs at work with the news

I thought I’d be a Lucy Stoner forever, but I got the urge recently and ran with it. Being that I am called by my middle name this proved to be a little more difficult than I had envisioned so I settled for hyphenating my name which means I now have an incredibly long name, but at least it isn’t too far from what it’s always been 😉

I hope you’re all staying cool and enjoying the summer sunshine! – Jordan

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What I’m Lovin’ in May

Read on to see the short list of what I’ve been lovin’ this month!


1. My Parkside Shorts


What’s not to love about a pair of wide-band-elastic shorts…with pockets?! This pattern is so great I already have fabric picked out for my next pair!

{You can read all about my Parkside Shorts here and browse photos from some of the other testers in this post.}

2. And my Parkside Skirt!

parkside skirt 2

I finally finished the skirt version of the Parkside pattern. It’s lovely. The skirt is so super comfortable. I did make a mistake and accidentally cut double BACK pieces and forgot the front piece. Because of that I had to improvise a little and add a band around the bottom to lengthen it (my mistake cost me 1.5 inches off the bottom).

I recently acquired a huge stash of fabric from someone’s attic. The striped fabric is kind of a thick shirting cotton material. It worked out perfect for the skirt – if it were any lighter I would have tried Caroline’s tutorial for adding a lining.

parkside skirt

I love the Parkside pattern because it’s a two-for-one that is perfect: make the shorts for casual weekend attire and sew the skirt up to add to your work week wardrobe. Can’t beat it.

Oh – and: Caroline is hosting a sew-a-long for the pattern this week! I’m excited to try her tutorial to add a double welt pocket to my next pair of shorts.

3. Reading

As proven in this post, I’ve been on a reading kick lately! One of my top picks for all my fellow makers:

big magic

just finished Sea Creatures and it was SO intense! Intense in an emotional way not in a thriller way (those aren’t my kind of reads).

sea creatures

Now I’m reading The Boston Girl.

What are some of your favorite books to read during summer? I’m in need of recommendations!

4. This Key Fob Tutorial from Inside The Hem

Everyone I know is getting these for Christmas. Hope you like ’em!

5. DIY Dopp Kit

This month marks our 4th anniversary! {You can our story in this post}

To celebrate, I made the Hubs a new dopp kit.

dopp kit 1

The Hubs’ new dopp kit

He travels a lot and the one I made him last year gets a lot of use. However, the method used involved leaving exposed raw edges on the inside which always drives me crazy (I’m a perfectionist – I can’t help it!). Because of that I’ve been wanting to make him a new one.

I’ve had this tutorial from Purl Soho pinned for a while – the raw interior edges are covered with bias binding which made me feel much better 😉

I steered from the tutorial only to add interior fabric (oh – and my zipper was non-separating). My canvas fabric was not waxed and so didn’t have a lot of shape. I thought the lining may help, but it didn’t add as much sturdiness as I had wanted – next time I’ll try adding some sturdy interfacing.

dopp kit 2

Dopp kit interior

6. This incredibly quick pillowcase pattern

On our way home from our Boston road trip we stopped at Finch Knitting + Sewing Studio in Virginia where I snagged some really great remnants. I picked up some Cotton + Steel Sprinkle fabric in green and a fun blowfish organic cotton (sooo soft) with the idea of making the Hubs a new pillowcase in mind.


It took me about a month to finally get around to it, but he loves it!

I made the pillowcase one day after work – it took probably less than an hour (I didn’t check the clock). The tutorial is so easy to follow and the method used is so quick.

I may have to add these to my handmade Christmas gift list 😉

7. It’s almost #EtsyCraftParty Time!

craft party ig

Last year’s event was so much fun so we’re back for our 3rd year hosting the party in Columbia! If you’re local, you can get all the details on the event page on Facebook – I’d love to see you there! Even if you can’t make it, you can follow along with all the fun on Instagram and Facebook.

Craft Party 2015 recap

Last Friday may have been the most lovely day I’ve had in quite a while. After taking my little pup, Twitch, for a visit to the vet (who officially deemed him a “senior” – as his mama bear that was tough to hear…especially because he’s the youngest of our 3 black dogs), the loveliness began!

My sister headed downtown to spend the afternoon with me. Where should a vegetarian and a recent adopter of the gluten free lifestyle eat? Good Life Cafe, of course. We walked around Main Street and ended up at the Sweet Cream Company. Like a pair of old bitties, we sat on a bench out front watching the traffic go by as we shared a cup of handcrafted salty peanut ice cream.

me & kt

Sister bliss.

And to top it off, we still had the #CraftParty!

#CraftParty table pic

{Photo credit: Taylor Kearns Media}

Once a year, Etsy “hosts” their Craft Party – describe as “a global celebration of meeting and making” – and that it is!

Last year, I founded the Cola Indie Makers (formerly “Columbia’s Etsy Market Team“) with Emily of Butterfly Vintage in an effort to build awareness of and support for vintage and handmade businesses in Columbia.

me & em

The last picture of me & Emily before she moved to Michigan (ironically on the day of our party!).

We hosted our first Etsy Craft Party last year (read all about last year’s party here) which made this year’s planning seem a wee bit less intimidating.

With Emily en route to Michigan as we speak, it’s just me & Shanika (of Life is Pichey) holding down the Cola Indie Makers group in Columbia. So when it comes to planning events (like this year’s Craft Party), we pull in some of our favorite people like MaryAnn of Life is a Maker Faire to help out.

photobooth 1

Me & MaryAnn in the #CraftParty photobooth (props made by MaryAnn)

As soon as we saw that this year’s theme was paper crafting, we knew we wanted MaryAnn on board. As the owner of MASW Designs, she’s our local paper crafting guru – it’s amazing what she can do with a little cardstock and glue!

I have to give a BIG shout-out to MaryAnn – in addition to lending her knowledge and expertise, MaryAnn generously shared her crafting tools and donated loads of supplies for the event. She even sacrificed her valuable time to help us with planning, securing the venue, making samples for inspiration and easy-to-follow instructions for our attendees. I am so grateful for my friendship with MaryAnn – she keeps me inspired and helps support me when I’m in over my head (like with planning this party!).


Thank you Etsy for the stickers! {Photo credit: Taylor Kearns Media}

The party was loads of fun! The event was held at Grapes & Gallery – a local craft beer, wine bar and paint studio (the perfect location for a craft party!).

grapes & gallery

I can’t wait to return to Grapes & Gallery for some painting!

Grapes & Gallery is such a neat place. In addition to being a traditional paint and pour studio, they have a neat rustic, full service bar and a lounge area downstairs which includes a TV and very comfy couch (aka: a place to send your husband while you paint upstairs…).

G&G bar

The bar at Grapes and Gallery {Photo credit: Taylor Kearns Media}

Whether you’re interested in an evening of painting or a fun spot to stop by for a drink with friends, check out Grapes & Gallery – you won’t be disappointed!

Just look for the white storefront on Taylor Street (between Main and Assembly Streets) and you’ll know you’re in the right spot!


MaryAnn & I ready to welcome everyone to the party!

Keeping with our theme of paper crafting and making your own Happy Mail, we had 3 stations: upstairs we had mini-cards and full-size cards and downstairs we had envelope-making.

mini cards

Attendees embroidering mini-cards {Photo credit: Taylor Kearns Media}

I love the size of the mini-cards – they are the perfect size for lunchbox notes if you have little ones or gift tags.


Attendees at the envelope-making station downstairs. I love how Taylor captured this moment of pure happiness at the party. This might be my favorite picture from the night! {Photo credit: Taylor Kearns Media}

For the envelope station, we upcycled cereal boxes (and maybe a few pizza boxes too 😉 ) to make durable templates that our attendees could trace. MaryAnn brought a stack of old National Geographic magazines and maps to use in addition to the scrapbook paper.

{For more handmade envelope inspiration, check out this post about how I upcycled last year’s calendar to make a lovely set of floral envelopes.}

I love this beautiful picture that Taylor captured of my amazing sister:


I’m so thankful for her. {Photo credit: Taylor Kearns Media}

In addition to the FUN crafts, we also had 5 handmade vendors onsite – all of which are based in Columbia, SC:

We also hosted 3 giveaways during the party – resliced donated the last raffle prize of the night:


this brown bird nest necklace with genuine Amethyst stones

{You can view all the raffle items here}

Speaking of raffles – the Cola Indie Makers are hosting one last raffle on Facebook – enter for a chance to win a 2 inch pillar candle (fragrance of your choice) from J. Cottage Industries! Get all the details here.

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended the Craft Party! We are already looking forward to next year 🙂


It was an amazing night of crafting with friends. {Photo credit: Taylor Kearns Media}

One last MEGA shout-out goes to this guy:


Taylor of Taylor Kearns Media (and his beautiful bride, Caroline)

Not only was he smart enough to marry my best friend, but Taylor was generous enough to attend our Craft Party and take some amazing photographs to document the event. Taylor is a super talented videographer, photographer and one-man-interview-team (I’ll never forget the time he came to my office to interview my boss and I asked where his crew was and he responded “I’m a one-man-show” and proceeded to set up all of his equipment, proceed with ease through his interview, pack up all his gear, head back to his office, sliced/diced/edited the story and ran it that night on our local station…impressed might be an understatement, but he blew my socks off). Check out his website to hear all about his experience and book him for yourself! Speaking of his experience, browse all of his pictures from the Craft Party in our album on Facebook.

I must admit, it was GREAT weekend! The Craft Party was such a blast and I spent the rest of the weekend enjoying mine & the Hubs’ new routine…

Trail running on Saturday:


Yes, that’s the Hubs running the trail with his lacrosse stick in hand practicing dodging with the trees.

And running the statehouse stairs on Sunday (then cancelling out the calorie burn with coffee & french toast at Drip on Main):


So so so delicious.

Can’t lie: I’m diggin’ our new weekend routine.

Again, thanks to everyone who came out to the Craft Party! We appreciate your support and can’t wait to throw another bash next year! {Follow Cola Indie Makers on Facebook & Instagram so you’ll be the first to know about upcoming events!}

What I’m Lovin’ in May

Whoops! Skipped right over What I’m Lovin for April…please forgive me! Here’s a quick list of some wonderful things I’m lovin’ this month and I think you will too!


1. Amy Poehler’s Yes Please

My boss let me borrow this book and I’m loving it!  At first, I wasn’t sure that I liked it as much as Tina Fey’s BossyPants (remember the time I confessed my love for this book? No? Ok, read it here). Let me assure you – this book has far exceeded my expectations! I would say that it is lighter on the comedy side than I thought, but heavy on the inspiration. I love Amy’s honest tone with the book and her reassurance that saying NO is totally fine…standing up for yourself is totally fine…and being a little weird is also totally fine.

I was reading it on the treadmill during my lunch break a few weeks ago when I came across this

amy poehler

Later that week I horrified my coworkers (who hadn’t seen me lose my cool yet) when I started ranting about people using pet names when talking to me. As a short person (people always feel like they can use pet names for us) with a very young appearance (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “but you look so young!”), I’m a little sensitive about this.

When some old guy [gray hair, big glasses – you know that grandpa] at a wedding calls me sweetheart, I just bat my eyelashes because clearly he means it in the sweetest, most innocent of ways. When a man or woman does this to me in a professional setting it totally ruffles my feathers. On that note, please stop using pet names for people in professional settings. Or at least with me so I don’t blow a gasket.

2. This puppy rockin’ out to some Phil Collins

When the Hubs found this video, we literally watched it 8,763,216,495,613 times and it never got old. I hope it makes you smile as much as it made me smile!

3. Cola Indie Makers’ Etsy Craft Party

craft party save the date

The party is just around the corner now! If you’re in the Columbia area, I hope you’ll be there!

I’m planning this year’s party with Shanika of Life is Pichey, MaryAnn of Life is a Maker Faire, and Addie of AddieK. As you may well know, the four of us bring quite a variety of skills and influence to the table so you know it’s going to be a super fun party 😉 We tried not to bother Emily (of Butterfly Vintage) too much this year since she is moving, but she definitely helped steer us when we got lost! I’m really going to miss having her expertise so close.

You can read all about what we’ve got planned for the #CraftParty in the Event on Facebook and RSVP on Etsy (here!). In the meantime, keep up with the Cola Indie Makers on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks at party prep and giveaway prizes!

We’ve also started a Pinterest Board for inspiration for the #CraftParty – you can browse the board here.

4. Remembering that I’m here for a bigger purpose

As a reminder that while all the plants are growing this spring, don’t forget to help those humans around you grow by lifting them up! You never know the struggle they’re going through and sharing a kind word or a quick smile might be just the medicine they needed.


May our desire and ability to help others GROW with us this spring!

I attended a funeral earlier this month for a man who had the biggest personality and whose love for his family and everyone around him was just plain infectious. The service was amazing – the stories of how he touched the lives of everyone around him (even the UPS drivers stopped by to tell his family how much they would miss him) were a reminder of the fact that we are here for a higher purpose. We are here to love each other, encourage each other and inspire each other.

5. #reslicedHappyMail

In case you missed this month’s #reslicedHappyMail stories, click on the picture below to read all about Audrey!


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#CraftParty Recap

I hope you saw my plug for the #CraftParty on my What I’m Lovin’ in May post last week! I wanted to give you an update of how it went!


Two sweet gals and I emptied out our craft closets, made many emergency runs to all the craft stores in town stocking up on supplies and obnoxiously posted on social media about the event – and, alas, it all came together and was a perfect evening!


Search the global Etsy hashtag #CraftParty and our local tag #GatherAndCraft on Instagram for photos from the event! {Photo credit: @makemeovereb on Instagram}


The night’s theme was “Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs” which our participants took to heart with embroidery, stickers, stamps and other mediums!


I even got a little time to color some stamped postcards! {Photo credit: @MASWDesigns on Instagram}

Keep up with Columbia’s Etsy Market Team on Facebook to stay in the loop for future craft parties and where to find your favorite local Etsy shops popping up around town!

Coming in July, one of our Craft Party hostesses – Shanika of Life is Pichey – will be hosting crafting workshops! Keep up with her page – Gather and Craft on Facebook – for updates on upcoming classes!


#CraftParty hostesses in the Photo Booth!

Here’s a full list of vendors & sponsors for Columbia’s Etsy Market Team’s Craft Party – be sure to keep up with them on social media and support them by shopping local and handmade!

cake pops

starfish hippydoda


  • January Jewelry – Melissa donated a beautiful pair of earrings for one of our giveaways!

jan jewelry


MaryAnn of MASW Designs [pictured here with yours truly!] made all the photobooth props – like this cute pipe & mustache!

  • Nana by Sally – donated a zipper wallet for one of the giveaways

{Photo credit: @makemeovereb on Instagram who won the wallet!}

  • No One Alike – a father + daughter team who donated a marbled scarf for one of the giveaways

no one alike

  • Owlette – lovely handmade goods for the little ones (really beautiful bibs!)


  • resliced – I donated this coral and gold bird nest ring for one of the giveaways!



ten & nine

uniquely mc

yelp bag

Thank you to everyone (especially my super supportive friends!) who came out and participated in the #CraftParty! I’m really looking forward to many more of these in the future!

Happy crafting! ❤