What I’m Lovin’ in May

Happy May! 😉

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Read on to see what I’ve been lovin’ this month!

 1. This round-up of beginner-friendly pants patterns

I love all of these pants patterns recommended by The Sewcialists. Even as someone who has been sewing garments for years, I prefer beginner-level patterns for simplicity. Have you made any of the pants on the list? I’m seriously considering adding the Free-Range Slacks to my pattern stash.

BUT my stash is already busting with un-sewn patterns including the Plateau Joggers which I purchased last month along with the Mile-End Sweatshirt Pattern as part of the Montreal Lounge Collection. A pretty impractical pattern purchase since temperatures are consistently over 80 degrees here, but I’m thinking of making version B for some lounge shorts to test the fit.

Speaking of pants, I finished a pair of wide-leg, elastic-waist pants last fall that were super easy to construct & are such a delight to wear (I used my trusty Parkside Shorts pattern from Sew Caroline & just lengthened the legs. Unfortunately, Sew Caroline no longer sells patterns so this one is no longer available for purchase, BUT you could easily turn any shorts pattern you have into wide-leg pants!).

 2. This kitchen’s retro remodel

The super tall Smeg fridge might be my favorite part!

 3. Period panties

I haven’t tried period panties yet but I’m very interested! Seamwork just released a free pattern (called “Flo”) with a very thorough guide including tips on fabric choice and another post with even more tips for construction.

 4. Remembering the importance of breath

If you have found yourself feeling overwhelmed lately (who hasn’t?!), Jess’ post about crashing is worth a read – she shares what her “Going Deep” practice looks like and [of course!] it all starts with breathing.

 5. Vacation season is upon us

I’m ashamed that I’ve never even heard of the State Park deemed “the best” in South Carolina on Travel + Leisure‘s list of 50 Best State Parks Around the US but I’m adding Jones Gap to my travel list!

 6. This “Surf Cabin” featured in dwell

The use of kitchen beams to store surf boards is genius use of functional design. I love the pops of color threaded throughout the mostly white and neutral palette.

 7. Ceiling Carrots

I hear that house-hunting right now is quite a scene – and this tale of the ceiling carrots proves that.

 8. Painting Furniture

I love a good before and after – this salvaged-dresser-turned-modern-green-beauty did not disappoint! The process they outlined is similar to what I did a few years ago (see my dresser’s BEFORE & AFTER).

 9. Gardening

The Hubs cleared a spot for our garden a few months ago & it’s thriving! After reading about the #1 Mistake You’re Making in Your Garden, I’ve started researching native plants to incorporate.

10. Black Paint

I really wish I had the guts for design this bold! The black curtains + black walls + just a little floral is flawless (and it’s a NURSERY!)

 Podcast Episodes I’m Lovin’ Right Now:

Self-Created Podcast: Yoga, Contracts, and Respecting Black Women with Sara Clark

[open in iTunes]

  • I loved listening to this conversation between Shanika, Jernell, and Sara!

The Ezra Klein Show: That Anxiety You’re Feeling? It’s a Habit You Can Unlearn.

[open in iTunes]

  • Who hasn’t experienced anxiety over the past year?! It was fascinating to hear more about the root of anxiety and why our brains hold onto seemingly trivial thoughts for rumination. Plus there were loads of tips shared for managing anxiety.
  • Best part: Jud shares a “Five Finger Breathing Technique” he recommends to patients as a grounding practice that’s as simple as tracing your fingers as you breathe (example: trace up a finger for an inhale and down for the exhale; follow through the whole hand and you’ve slowed down for 5 breaths). He also just released a new book* that’s going on my reading list.

Hidden Brain: Humor Us

[open in iTunes]

  • A good sense of humor is essential in my opinion – and it turns out it can help bridge gaps and make you more relatable.

Gentler: Movement vs. Exercise with Annette Cashell

[open in iTunes]

  • As someone who’s trying to work more movement back into her life, this podcast’s message was just right. I like Annette’s practical tips for adding movement into your day-to-day life (like apparently we should be sitting on the floor more than in chairs!).
  • Annette has a post on her website titled How Can You Be Sure You’re Not An Active Couch Potato that’s worth a read. She also has a list of 10 small changes that can have a big impact on health. I’m implementing these ASAP!

Tiny Desk Concerts: Lizzo

[open in iTunes]

  • This is a few years old but I am never tired of hearing Lizzo. Go listen – your ears will thank you.

Road to Resilience: Good Trouble

[open in iTunes]

Who am I leaving to do the work that I have the power to do?

Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Thank you for reading along & being a part of my community. ❤

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