Free Halloween Printable for Contactless Trick-or-Treating

Social distancing is creating quite a conundrum for traditional trick-or-treating. But have no fear: the internet is full of great work-arounds for fun and SAFE celebrating amidst COVID-19 fears.

We moved to our neighborhood last fall and were warned that we needed a trunkload of candy for the upcoming holiday. It rained last year so I’m not sure we got the full experience. Based on the decorations in the neighborhood already (one neighbor set up a full graveyard in their front yard last month) and the chatter on Nextdoor, it sounds like trick-or-treating will still happen this year.

I can’t resist an opportunity to admire all the little ones dressed up so I’ve been thinking of ways to safely distribute candy while limiting potential COVID-19 exposure (for myself and others). Our plan is to set up a table at the end of our driveway as a grab-n-go treat station!

That said, I wanted a sign for the table. And I’m sharing it with you today!

I intentionally kept the language a bit vague for future use (it’s not pandemic-specific). If you are a leave-the-candy-out-while-we-trick-or-treat-through-the-neighborhood family, this would be perfect beside a bucket of candy or on a table with treats.

Safe ideas for trick-or-treating

If you’re looking for safe ways to hand out candy this year, there are LOADS of great ideas floating around like…

– this genius Halloween ZIP LINE!

See how it’s made in this video!

– a clothesline between two trees – clip treats all along for the taking. (A friend gave me this idea. I can’t take full credit!)

a candy chute along your railing if you have stairs leading to your door! (See more pictures of the chute HERE including how it looks at night with lights!)

Don’t forget your mask!

As always lately if we’re going to be in close or potentially close contact with others right now, we’ll be wearing masks.

I have seen the recommendation that children (over the age of 2) wear face coverings under/along with their costumes. You can easily incorporate the mask into your child’s costume by adding iron on vinyl to any mask to create a “face” (check out these Free Halloween Face SVG Cut Files for Masks from Heather Handmade!). Alternatively you can easily purchase a mask to match or wear one they already have!

If you’re looking to purchase cute Halloween themed masks, my friend Kristy has some!

Whether you’re trick-or-treating, handing out candy, or staying indoors to watch scary movies in the dark, I’m wishing you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Author: Jordan Slice-Metcalfe

My name is Jordan. I'm a full-time working mom whose coffee cup is always half full (and probably still in the microwave). I've got a weak spot for rescuing old dogs, pretending pizza is a vegetable, negotiating dessert with every meal, propagating more plants than any home needs, dreaming of sewing projects while my husband is talking to me, and loving my tribe too deep.

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