DIY Fabric Scrap Holiday Card

Last week I received a donation request from one of my favorite local charities. I had been meaning to send a donation, but [as it always does] life got in the way.

With the donation request, they included a return envelope, but I felt odd sending the check alone. So, with the paper and fabric scraps I had on hand, I whipped up this super easy holiday card to accompany the check.

Since it was so easy, I figured I’d share with you how I did it!

holiday card


  • Blank cardstock (I used white because it’s what I had on hand, but any light color would work)
  • Fabric scraps (Use what you have on hand – if you don’t have fabric, you could use scrapbook paper or even magazine clippings)
  • Stamps – including alphabetical stamps
  • Ink pad
  • Glue 
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine 


1. Cut your fabric scraps [or paper] into tiny triangles to act as “flags” in your design.

2. Lay the “flags” side-by-side (corner-to-corner) with a slight curve downward to form the bunting. If it would help, you could lightly draw a curved line with pencil to follow.

3. Use a little dab of glue to hold the “flags” in place.

4. Next [optional], if you have any festive stamps (like my reindeer) or stickers, stamp/stick one in an area where you have extra white space (like the lower corner).

holiday card 1

5. Use your alphabetical stamps to spell out “Happy Holidays” under the bunting. If you don’t have alphabetical stamps, you could write it in calligraphy, bubble letters with markers or even cut letters from construction paper and glue them down.

holiday card 2

6. Go fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea {aka: give the ink a minute or two to fully dry before you start stitching to avoid smudging}

7. Set your sewing machine to a straight stitch and adjust the length to the longest it will go.

8. Once your ink has dried, begin stitching from the left side of the card and follow the curved line to sew across the top of all of the “flags.” Back-stitch at each end and trim excess thread.

Voila! You now have a super-festive handmade card to send!

holiday card 3

There are tons of ways you can vary this design, but this is just an idea to get you started. I’d love to see what you make – tag me on Instagram: @jordanslicemet.

Happy holidays!


Author: Jordan Slice-Metcalfe

My name is Jordan. I'm a full-time working mom whose coffee cup is always half full (and probably still in the microwave). I've got a weak spot for rescuing old dogs, pretending pizza is a vegetable, negotiating dessert with every meal, propagating more plants than any home needs, dreaming of sewing projects while my husband is talking to me, and loving my tribe too deep.

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