Now I own lipstick

In case you don’t know: I wear make-up everyday because if not covered up the hereditary dark circles under my eyes make me look like a 95 year old trapped in a middle schoolers body.

While I do wear it daily, I’ve always been a plain Jane who sticks to the basics: powder, blush and mascara – even when I’m going somewhere fancy. The times I’ve dabbled into eye shadows or lipsticks, I usually end up unintentionally looking like I’m going to a Halloween party. Not a good look.

Recently, my sister’s best friend from high school became a Mary Kay consultant and was looking for practice subjects. So of course my sister was all “we’re in!” (she’s even more basic than myself when it comes to make up so I knew this would be a fun adventure!).

christa & kt
Meet Christa (right)! She’s one of the sweetest, funniest people you’ll meet. My sister (left) and I were so excited to catch up with her (and meet her precious daughter, Olivia!) for an afternoon of pampering!

We had an intimate party with just me, my sister and Christa (our new MK consultant!). This helped curtail any embarrassing photos of our practicing ending up on the internet ūüėČ

We started with the face wash¬†which was fabulous! I’m now hooked on the cleanser and have been using it nightly since the party.

Did you know that every day you¬†don’t wash your face, you age 13 days?!

I have also been on the hunt for¬†a light moisturizer with SPF to wear under my make-up. As a Public Health grad, I know¬†all about the dangers of skin cancer and how very common it is. So no thank you – I’ll take my lifetime-of-pastiness instead. Thanks to Christa, I found it: the Day Solution Sunscreen¬†is my new under-make-up daily moisturizer – it even has an SPF of 35! When you first apply it, you may notice a hint of that “sunscreen smell”, but it quickly dissolves so you don’t smell like you’re going to the beach while sitting at your desk (unless you’re into that sort of thing which I can’t blame you for trying to channel the beach while at work..cheers to that!).

In addition (because why not fuel my skin cancer paranoia?!), I’ve added the Foundation Primer (with an SPF of 15) to my morning routine just after applying the moisturizer but before the concealer/powder. This sounds crazy (although according to the name, that’s the point), but it literally feels like you’re priming your face – smoothing the surface for your war paint.

I’m not one to enjoy liquid foundation (in a place as hot as SC, it’s hard to appreciate liquid make-up), but the CC cream felt light enough that I didn’t hate it! I’m usually a buy-whatever-powder-is-on-sale¬†kind of gal, but I really liked the Mineral Powder Foundation¬†– the¬†Light to Medium shade blended to my skin evenly. For a powder with substantial coverage, it felt¬†light on my skin – just right!

We tried the Lip Mask followed by the Lip Balm. Exfoliating your lips is not something you think about doing often (or ever?). Everyone should try this out because it feels so neat! I never realized my lips weren’t smooth until the mask came off and¬†–¬†voila!¬†– super soft puckers.

The idea of applying 3 eye shadow colors was a bit daunting. While mine started out horrendous (I supplied the laughs at this party), Christa helped talk me through it so I didn’t look like I’d been punched in the eye. Instead of pushing me out of my own way and just applying it for me to get through, Christa patiently walked me through how and where to apply each color. Talk about “teach a man to fish…” – I can say I even learned a new skill at this party!


I felt like such a grown up trying out the lipstick. I don’t know what it is about lipstick that just screams “I’m professional!” but it totally makes me feel that way! So of course I¬†had¬†to buy some!

As soon as Christa showed me the Mary Kay at Play triple layer tinted balm in “Pink Again”, the 4th grader inside me lit up! A pink and purple swirl that smells like berries, but will make me feel sophisticated and super professional – yes, give it to me now.

See! Isn’t this just the cutest?!

Christa had a pretty impressive stock on hand so we were antsy to get shopping after all the pampering!

My sister browsing the inventory.
My sister browsing the inventory!
I think blush colors are my favorite to pick out! I just love all shades of blush.
I think blush colors are my favorite to pick out! I love all shades of blush.

I refrained from fighting my sister for the last Night Solution moisturizer (it felt amazing!) and opted for the Age Fighting Moisturizer to add to my nightly routine. It’s possibly a little heavier than the Night Solution, but¬†it’s a huge step up (and¬†way lighter) than the hand cream I’d been using.. :\

In addition to the Night Solution¬†(and lots more lipstick), I’m adding the Microdermabrasion set to my wish list!¬†love love loved it.

As proof of my makeover, I present to you…

ok, ok! I did my best ;)
ok, ok! I did my best ūüėČ

I hope this post made you felt like you were at the party with us! ūüôā

If you are in the Greenville or Columbia, South Carolina area – I highly recommend booking a Mary Kay party with Christa! She’s the perfect balance of encouraging but not pushy when it comes to helping you figure out what products will work best for you. And what gal doesn’t love an afternoon of getting pampered?! Another party motivator: Christa has lots of product¬†in stock so you can take it with you that day (have I ever mentioned that I’m impatient?). In addition, she runs some¬†pretty stellar¬†sales for hostesses and party-goers – so book her today! And please invite me so I have an excuse to buy more lipstick.

If you are reading my blog from anywhere else on this lovely planet of ours (hello, Bonjour, Hola! I’m so happy you stopped by my little corner of the internet!), you can shop without leaving the comfort of your couch by visiting her website.

What are your make-up essentials? I’d love to hear your recommendations for a plain Jane like myself!

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