New Baby Care Package

Remember that time I told you I was going to be a step-aunt?! Well, baby Graham arrived on Good Friday and he is absolute perfection.

with JD

My stepbrother just as he morphed into a Dad!

Since we can’t get to Tennessee right now (and want to give my stepbrother and his beautiful wife time to adjust to being a family of 3 without having to worry about entertaining us), I decided to make a little “care package” for them.

For baby Graham

I have been secretly pinning baby accessory tutorials for months now so I decided to finally get started on one of those.

First up: Cloth Baby Shoes!

shoes 1

When the cloth shoe idea for baby Graham came to me, I knew exactly what material I wanted to use for the exterior…


A pair of shorts my Dad donated to my stash a few months ago (pants make GREAT bag interior because the pockets are already installed!).

Not only did I already know that baby Graham was going to be the kind of baby that loves plaid (his Dad recently taught ME what madras is), but the sentimental mush in me wanted to include some fabric from his loving grandparents (who are by the way, OVER THE MOON!).

The Pattern

I got the idea from Pinterest (via Beck and Lundy’s blog) and downloaded the pattern from Stardust Shoes {original link appears to be broken. Download the baby booties pattern here}. Like I have been doing for all of my new patterns, I traced the pieces onto freezer paper for pin-free pattern cutting (read about this genius idea from my friend Addie K here) which made cutting out those tiny little pieces a breeze.

The Material

Lately I have been on a mission to use up the material I have on hand (after realizing I’m quickly running out of fabric storage space…). I am proud to say that I did not have to buy any new material for these! Since the pattern pieces are so small, these make for a great scrap buster project. I used some gray “vegan leather” (aka soft vinyl or pleather or whatever you’d like to call it!) I had on hand (it makes for a great stable fabric for the bottom of bags or embellishment for clutches). I am running low on light-weight fusible interfacing so I had to use fusible fleece. Since that is substantially thicker than what the pattern called for, I only fused it to the lining pieces (I would’ve fused to the exterior fabric, but I was using a super soft knit for the interior and wanted to keep it from slipping too much). I even had some of the elastic on hand – win!

So I threw on a cute tag that came with my Mollie Makes magazine (picked that gem up in England – love it) and the baby portion of the care package was complete!

shoes 3

For the new Mom

I wanted to get baby Graham’s mom something to remind her that we’re thinking about her too! I can’t imagine cooking a human for 9 months followed by all the horrors of labor so I wanted to send her something that would make her feel fancy (because from all the blogs I follow/Facebook posts I read, being a new mom sounds like it may have a few less-than-glamorous moments 😉 ).

I went with my own experience of what makes me feel fancy: pink nail polish. I picked up Essie’s Sugar Daddy shade (the selection at Publix was kind of limited so please excuse the name of the polish!) and wrapped it up all fancy.


Yes, I realize that the last thing a new Mom is worried about is painting her nails. Thus, I suggested Dad could paint while Mom nurses…call it my lack of experience, but I think that’s a fine idea. 😉

For the new Dad

I struggled with what to get my stepbrother to make him feel fancy so instead I decided to go with a Starbuck’s gift card. He’s already headed back to work so I think coffee will serve him well as he makes the transition as a new Dad 😉


And so I leave you with proof that my new nephew is absolutely adorable…


He has great hair, right?!

Remember that sweater we got for him while we were in England?! (See it here!) Well, here he is sporting it like the dapper little dude he is.


He’s already practicing winking! Eat your heart out, ladies.


I’m going to be a step-aunt!

Last weekend we celebrated my stepbrother’s baby-to-be, Graham, at a shower on Friday evening in Denmark, SC. The best [and maybe only] route to the Denmark Country Club involves back roads lined with cotton fields and farms. It’s a gorgeous drive and I was lucky enough to spend the hour ride with my Dad…such a nice way to end the week.

I’m really excited about welcoming the first baby into Camp Slice!

cuz every baby-to-be needs personalized calligraphy!

cuz every baby needs personalized calligraphy!

This sophisticated card was very necessary to go with the very dapper sweater Jeremy and I found for him in England.

this itty bitty double breasted hand-knit sweater is quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on. I can hardly wait to see it on baby Graham!

this itty bitty double breasted hand-knit sweater is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can hardly wait to see it on baby Graham!

The haberdasheries (yarn shops) in England sell hand knit samples in their shops (and they’re not even outrageously priced!). It’s probably best that’s not a big thing here because I might spend all my money there.

For good measure (and because my stepbrother, wife and baby Graham will be moving to Colorado in June Germany in July! Army life – lots of changes!), we also got him some mittens.

all mittens are cute, but these are particularly adorable, right?!

all mittens are cute, but these are particularly adorable, right?!

We picked up both of those from Ewephoria in South Shields.

We drew names for Christmas this year and I had my stepbrother whom I hadn’t seen since we got back from England so I whipped up this belated holiday card on my lunch break last Friday:

you really can't beat silver and black - it makes even a super late Christmas card look chic.

you really can’t beat silver and black – it makes even a super late Christmas card look chic.

I wasn’t sure what to get him so I consulted with one of my Mom friends. She suggested “a 6 pack of beer and a whole lot of patience”. As a gal who doesn’t drink, gifting alcohol always feels a bit strange and I couldn’t find a package of patience anywhere! 😉 So I went with her second suggestion and got him a backpack (to use as a manly diaper bag) from Jack Threads.

I can’t wait to meet baby Graham and spoil him rotten!