What I’m Lovin’ in March

Here we go – MARCHin’ on through 2021! Anyone else lost all track of time? I don’t even know what day it is anymore. But I do know that it’s time for a monthly list of what I’m lovin’ so read on!

 1. Textile recycling

Trish Stitched has a post with tons of great resources for keeping your clothing from ending up in a landfill. Her post enlightened me to several places textiles in my life can be recycled:

 2. Quilts as Garments

This is making the list two months in a row! I just heard about Psychic Outlaw – they will turn your quilt into a garment. Look at these beauties!

If you are interested in making your own quilted coat, here’s all you need to know (and here’s another post about how to make a quilted coat with your scraps).

 3. Sewing + advocacy

This combination is more generally known as craftivism. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a great example!

An inspiring but incredibly heartbreaking (and eye-opening) article highlighted what happened when the Seattle Indian Health Board requested more PPE for Washington’s Native population: they received body bags instead. The public health researcher who was part of the Seattle Indian Health Board who made the PPE request transformed one of the body bags into a traditional ribbon dress.

Another sewing + advocacy example: This lovely profile of Chawne Kimber and her quilts from The Washington Post. I saw one of her quilts at QuiltCon in 2017 and have been a huge fan of her work ever since.

 4. Coloring

One of my favorite activities to do with my toddler is color. It’s so relaxing. Spoonflower just released their 2nd coloring book that you can download and print for free! (Once you’re done with those pages, you can download the first edition here.)

 5. Vintage Pyrex

My sister & I are big fans of vintage Pyrex (and love going antiquing for them together!). We have a small collection of special pieces we’ve gifted each other.

Apartment Therapy interviewed some Pyrex experts and spilled the beans on how to find the best pieces to add to your collection!

 6. Cute animals (always)

It’s been a rough month. Getting lost among these 75 pictures of adorable animals was therapeutic.

7. Organizing

I am such a sucker for organizing. These 100 best organizing tips from Good Housekeeping are amazing.

8. Decreasing Food Waste

Have you tried a food waste app? These 7 sound really interesting.

9. Garment care for longevity

Recently I’ve started doing more repair on garments we already own (several pairs of the Hubs’ pants were my guinea pigs). This expert guide to making clothes last was full of some really great care tips (also included: how and why to feed your moths). Orsola de Castro (the expert being interviewed in the article) just released a related book: Loved Clothes Last* – it’s on my wish list!

10. Buy Nothing Groups

This article about how anything can show up on Facebook Buy Nothing Groups was a lovely read. If you haven’t heard of Buy Nothing Groups, go here and find one near you!

 11. Empowering Women & Girls

Did you know that talking openly about periods can improve confidence among girls? Here are 10 ways you can help girls and women overcome period-related barriers (and build confidence!). The data included in the article is eye-opening.

 12. Parenting from a place of simplicity

This interview with Michaeleen Doucleff about her research into parents around the world using millennia-old methods to raise good kids is incredibly fascinating.

 13. Frugal Minimalism

It may sound like an oxymoron but Mrs. Frugalwoods shares all the secrets of balancing minimalism with frugality.

 14. VP Harris visited fibre space

Not only do I appreciate that she visited a woman-owned yarn shop to highlight the importance of small business support right now, but she also confessed that she knows how to crochet!

 15. Building a sustainable handmade wardrobe

I feel like this is my life’s never-ending mission since I’ll never have enough time to sew the capsule wardrobe of my dreams, BUT I love these 6 tips from Alexis Bailey.

Sewing Patterns I’m Lovin’ Right Now:

Goldfinch Limited: LAWRENCE TOP

The Lawrence Top is a recently released zero-waste pattern that I’m totally smitten with!

Zero waste sewing fascinates me and I just discovered there’s a whole database being built full of zero-waste patterns which is super exciting.

Versions I’m lovin’: 

  • Emily is wearing TWO versions in this post – it can double as a jacket!


With the ruffles at the bottom and on the sleeves you can look chic while staying cozy (this dress is definitely pandemic-friendly! 😉 ).

Versions I’m lovin’: 

Birgitta Helmersson: GATHER DRESS

Another zero-waste pattern! In fact, this designer has a full shop of zero-waste patterns.

Versions I’m lovin’: 

More inspiration (I fell down this rabbit hole): #ZWGatherDress

 Podcast Episodes I’m Lovin’ Right Now:

Terrible, Thanks for asking: Who Cares? (Part 1): Fairplay at Home w/Eve Rodsk‪y‬

  • I’m a big fan of Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play*! This interview with her is so timely. Whether you are parenting through this pandemic or not, her message is one that should be universally heard in order for systemic change to happen (plus, you can hear my new mantra: “Be a cultural warrior!”).

Terrible, thanks for asking: What’s Negative About Positivity?

  • Clearly I’ve been bingeing episodes of TTFA 😉 This episode is all about Toxic Positivity and brought me many epiphanies.


  • This podcast follows a recent medical graduate as she embarks on her career as a physician in the midst of a pandemic. She raises an incredibly valuable point towards the end when she says that by calling medical workers “heroes” throughout this pandemic we have been able to distance ourselves from our personal responsibilities and opportunities to be the heroes ourselves (by saying no to parties and gatherings, avoiding travel, etc.).

Scam Goddess: The Maga Manipulator with Tahir Moore

  • If you want to laugh hysterically while riding alone in your car, listen to this podcast. Seriously, I haven’t laughed this hard in a  l o n g  time! Highly recommend.

Thank you for reading along & being a part of my community. ❤

{Catch up on all of my monthly What I’m Lovin’ posts here.}

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you use the link to make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation at no additional charge to you. 

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