What I’m Lovin’ in June


 1. Books for Teaching Social Justice

This list of books to help teach kids about racism is timely – I’m looking forward to reading several of these with Andy.


 2. Meditation

I’ve been trying to meditate daily and am really enjoying weaving it into my routine! I’ve also been trying to think of ways to encourage Andy to adopt some of the breathing exercises. She’s a bit young for a totally structured practice, but I’m saving these 5 Tips to Teach Children Mindfulness & Meditation to use as an ongoing resource.

These 11 Tips for Mindful Parenting are also super helpful (particularly right now!).


 3. Barack Obama’s recent op-ed titled How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change

Not only was his article powerful, empowering, and enlightening, but I liked his focus on sustaining the momentum for lasting change.


 4. This list of 11 Black-Owned Vegan Businesses to Support that Ship Nationwide

I’m officially eating my way through this list 😛

I sent a package of Maya’s Cookies to a friend and she said they were amazing! I might be treating myself to some soon 😉


5. Reading

I have been on a small reading kick lately. My sister has been helping feed my craving with her collection, but I’ve also ordered a few online. At the beginning of our Covid-19 quarantine, I made a vow to support small businesses as often as possible. Indie bookstores are the perfect avenue!

My reading kick started with Untamed* which Odd Bird Books not only helped me get my hands on it, but they even delivered it to my mailbox!

Up next: I ordered Andy 2 Little People, Big Dreams favorites: Coco Chanel* & Harriet Tubman* from Books on Broad (the closest indie bookstore to me according to Indie Bound).

This thread of black-owned indie bookstores is a true gem! I browsed several of the shop’s sites and pinned their books to mine and Andy’s wish boards on Pinterest to reference for future purchases (I encourage you to do the same!).


 6. This mini-guide to Self-Care for Mothers


 7. Thoughtful reflection going on in the creative community

As always I continue to be inspired by the sewing community. I have read countless posts on Instagram from sewists who are listening and learning alongside the rest of us. I’ve really enjoyed reading these reflections and being inspired by the words of others. Below are a few favorites:

  • Helen of Helen’s Closet posted a very thoughtful post about Black Lives Matter with resources as well as weaving these efforts into her business model.
  • Anna Graham of Noodlehead also shared resources and outlined several ways she’s fighting for justice – one of which is that she is “setting up a college scholarship for my community specifically targeting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) who are pursuing degrees in creative and/or business related fields” – Wow!
  • Kimberly of Straight Stitch Designs shared her plan in a recent newsletter (sign up for it on her blog). I loved this quote: “I am not going to get it all right, but with each misstep, it gives me the opportunity to learn something new and to right any wrongs from the past.”
  • Jennifer of Workroom Social is fundraising to support the well-being of Black women and girls by donating to The Loveland Foundation (they provide financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking therapy). I donated and I hope you will too!


 8. This little girl trying to workout with her Dad but the groove got her!

We all need to smile right now and you can’t watch this video without grinning!


 9. Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

I should’ve been more intentional with this before now. There’s no better way to show your values than by disclosing your bank statement.

I’m working toward making a mind-shift. When I’m in need of something, rather than jumping onto Amazon or running to the nearest big-box shop, I’m trying to remind myself to STOP and search for a local, black- / minority- / woman-owned small business where I can make the purchase instead.

BUT it’s not just about buying all.the.things. right now – it’s about continuing to pour financial support into black-owned businesses in an ongoing way (@noliacoffee shared about this and recommended setting a reminder for yourself in one month to continue this support).

More resources


 10. Sebastian Harper‘s Face Mist & Whipped Lip Balm (and basically everything Shanika makes)

Her sage face mist has become part of my nightly ritual – it’s so refreshing AND it’s great not to rub my hands all over my face (because fear of coronavirus has totally ruined that). Fun fact: Shanika made her own lemon balm hydrosol for the mist (I don’t even know what hydrosol is but I’m so impressed). She also has the face mist available in citrus mint which I think would be perfect for mornings!

Her Sage Clearing Spray is another personal favorite – I keep a bottle in my office to use when I’m having a bad day.


 11. Kiroka Essentials candles

LOVE AT FIRST SNIFF!! I recently ordered her citronella candles and am super impressed, but for a true scent’sational treat: get yourself one of her Apples & Maple Bourbon candles.


12. Picking wild blackberries in our neighborhood

We found some growing near a creek & have been having a blast picking them.

The Kitchn’s boiling water method for removing berry stains saved Andy’s shirt!


 13. Lots and lots of reflecting

I’m doing lots of listening and learning right now. This Detailed List of Anti-Racism Resources has been a great reference to me.

A few things I’m implementing:

DONATING – I’m sending a portion of the sales from the face masks I’ve posted to the Social Justice Sewing Academy. I’m really inspired by their work and hope to continue to support them in an ongoing way.

LISTENING & LEARNING – As a white woman, it’s incredibly important (now more than ever) that I spend more time actively listening. I’ve been reading a ton and searching for resources and guides to find my place in our current racial justice movement.

READING – Here are a few resources I’ve found enlightening:


 14. Social Distancing

Yep, I’m still social distancing as best I can. Reading this letter To My Friends Still Social Distancing made me feel less alone in our effort.



Thank you for reading along & being a part of my community. ❤

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