What I’m Lovin’ in April

Late again 😉 Read on to see what I was lovin’ last month!


 1. These tips for creating a great refashion

love refashioning! These tips from Elizabeth Made This are wonderful – plus the post is full of inspiring images of her refashions.

 2. Envisioning fabric as a canvas to paint

If you’ve ever wanted to further customize your wardrobe, painting your own design on fabric could be the way to go! Katie shares how to do this on her blog.

 3. The therapeutic benefits of having a creative outlet

Sewing has proven to be therapeutic in my own life. This was a beautiful tale (shared in The Washington Post no less!) connecting sewing to a young lawyer’s professional journey.

 4. #The100DayProject

I’m participating in the 100 day project with my friend Shanika. For 100 days in a row, we will spend at least a few minutes knitting. You can follow along with us on our hashtag: #JordanAndShanikaMakeShit.

 5. This fancy bow scrunchie

I’m definitely adding this to my sewing list – it’d be great use of scraps!

 6. Decreasing {sewing} waste

Zero waste sewing feels like a pretty lofty goal. This post includes some alternative ways to incorporate less waste into your sewing practice.

 7. Writing that inspires personal reflection

Think back to your school days. Were you ever in fear that showing emotions could get you suspended? That’s the case for some girls.

Another recent read that brought lots of reflection: On The Come Up (book).

 8. This shelter dog’s stealing habit


 9. Sewlandia

I find myself lost there a lot.

 10. Podcasts

I’m always loving podcasts… and I’m always running out of podcasts to listen to. Sincerely Colleen has a great list I’m going to check out!

 11. I finished knitting my shawl!

Almost 3 years in the making…seriously. Thanks to knitting every day being my goal for the 100-day-project, it’s complete!

I compile these lists throughout the month. Sometimes I forget to schedule them to publish on time which is the case quite often lately. I hope my tardiness hasn’t been too much of a burden for you 😉 Thank you for reading along & being a part of my community. ❤

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Author: Jordan Slice-Metcalfe

My name is Jordan. I'm a full-time working mom whose coffee cup is always half full (and probably still in the microwave). I've got a weak spot for rescuing old dogs, pretending pizza is a vegetable, negotiating dessert with every meal, propagating more plants than any home needs, dreaming of sewing projects while my husband is talking to me, and loving my tribe too deep.

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