Slow Design {my new mantra}

The time I’ve given myself to create has been diminishing lately so instead of rushing through a project when I have the chance, I’m taking on #SlowDesign like it’s my new mantra.

Being more intention with my creations means I just taught myself a new skill (my version of a zigzag appliqué – which was the slowest I think I’ve ever stitch anything with my machine 🙂 ). The blue scrap heart is from my one of my Dad’s old shirts and was originally intended for my sister’s wedding dress. I found it while cleaning out my craft room on Friday (and boy did that cleaning give me the boost I needed to get back in here!). The textured polka dotted fabric is from a vintage table cloth I got my hands on.

That cute little heart will serve as a reminder every time I open my new clutch/crossbody/wristlet to be intentional {in all things}.


{Click the photo for a link to this picture on Instagram // @jordslice11}

{I’ll post the final product on @reslicedsc’s Instagram account when I *hopefully* finish soon! Be sure to follow so we can be IG friends!}

One thought on “Slow Design {my new mantra}

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