Being happy means being nice? Who knew!

Growing up I was always the feisty little sister. As an adult, I’m still the more outspoken of the two of us. Continue reading “Being happy means being nice? Who knew!”

Tasty Tuesday: Mini Lasagnas

I ran across 2 recipes for mini-lasagnas on Pinterest a few months ago and meshed them to make my own lazy version! Continue reading “Tasty Tuesday: Mini Lasagnas”

Welcome Butterfly Vintage to the Blogosphere!

I met Emily while visiting the Soda City market (our local pop-up street market that happens every Saturday on Main St – it’s the kind of thing that makes me LOVE Columbia!). Continue reading “Welcome Butterfly Vintage to the Blogosphere!”

Vegan & Raw on Main Street

Anytime I find a restaurant that has more than two vegetarian options (salads don’t count – don’t even get me started on this), it’s my new favorite place and I will talk every friend I have into going there with me. Well friends of mine, get ready: The Good Life Cafe on Main Street is on the list! Continue reading “Vegan & Raw on Main Street”